Night of the Full Moon – Little Red Ranger Walkthrough (Nightmare Difficulty)

How to beat Nightmare difficulty as Little Red Ranger.

Nightmare Guide

Starting Point

Ranger heavily depends on APs so you should try to increase them as often as possible.


Playing on Nightmare increases the cooldown of your powers.

Discovery: open 1 chest for free. CD: 4 Combats.

In Combat

  • Afterimage: Immune to all DMG, last 1 turn. CD: 2 Combats.
  • Dexterity: Gains 2 AP, heals 3 HP when you use 1 Action Card. CD: 3 Combats.


Note: the blessings are randomized each time you play.

Lightning Nerves (deals 6 DMG everytime the enemy misses) is the core of the build.

In my case, since I want to have some round advantages over the enemies, I went with Spider Poison. (At the start of your turn, POISON X2 your enemy)

The 1st chapter is really easy, you won’t run into any trouble here. Things get rough once you defeat the 1st boss, when you are given the option to activate the Nightmare Music Box: (DLC content)

  • Play music: 1 out of 5 negative blessing will be stuck with you till the end of your current game.
  • Play all movements: increase difficulty 5 times (all 5 of them at once).
  • Close it: nothing happens. (details of the curses are in the video).

At chapter 2, pick the blessing “Meteor Darts” if it’s available for you (Deal 1 DMG, +1 AP, on the end of your turn, get meteor darts until your hand is full).

  • Time Elf: pick “Guard Statue” (Counter 1 enemy card each turn, lasts 3 turns).
  • Preparedness: Hand Size +1, Equipment Slot +1, discard hand at the end of your turn.

DLCs Content

If you bought all the DLCs, there should be an option to pick the “Locked Diary” here. I don’t pick it in the video since Little Red Ranger is at the lowest in her power spike. Try your best to get through the enemies here, they are not that hard at all.

The Squirrel Bank (DLC)

You can deposit your money here (max 100 gold coins), after you win the game you can withdraw the money you save here for the next playthrough. But let’s be honest, playing on Nightmare, you need all the money you can get so this thing is kinda useless.

Down below are some of my favorite cards that work well with this build:

Action Cards

  • Quicksilver (1 AP): Dodge the 1st DMG you would take next turn. Draw 1 card.
  • Dodge (1 AP): 20% chance of dodging DMG (25% when upgraded), lasts 1 turn.
  • Mute (1 AP): Draw 1 card, counter the next card enemy plays.
  • Side Kick (1 AP): Deal 4 DMG, enemy draws 1 less card next turn.
  • Soul Blitz (1 AP): discard 1 card, deals 8 DMG (11 if upgraded) to the enemy.

  • Mirror (1 AP): Exiled (removed after use). Copy the leftmost card in your hand.
  • Stumble (1 AP): Each time the enemy plays a card, they discard 1 random hand card. Last 1 turn.
  • Sprint (1 AP): Draws 3 cards, +3 AP.
  • Plot (1 AP): Draws 1 card and get 1 Temporary copy of that card.

  • Fetters Of Souls (0 AP): Gain armor X5. If it’s discarded by other effects, deals 5 DMG. Spawns in another temporary Fetter Of Souls on your next turn.
  • Expose Weakness (0 AP): the next DMG you deal from a card this turn X2.
  • Awaiting Orders (0 AP): Exiled. Add 2 temporary “Feint” cards to your hand. (Feint = draws 1 card) –> 2 free cards draw

Attack Cards

  • Bleeding Arrows: Enemy suffers bleeding x12 (x16 if upgraded) (physical attack deals +1 DMG)
  • Support: Deal 1 DMG, draw 1 card. When you play an attack card, draw “Support” from your deck.
  • Emergency Rations: Gain 1 AP (2 if upgraded). When you have 0 AP, draws this card from your deck.

Equipment Cards

  1. Camo Outfit (starting equipment): 10% chance of dodging DMG, Dodge Success = Draws 1 Card.
  2. Longbow: Each time you play an Action Card, deals 1 DMG.
  3. Dexterity Talisman: 25% chance of dodging DMG
  4. Smart Flying Knife: Every Dodge Success = 6 Lightning DMG to the enemy.
  5. Vitality Talisman: Start of your turn, +2 AP.
  6. Heavy Ballista: At the start of your turn, discard all cards on your hand. Draws the same amount of cards.

This one works wonder with:

  • Preparedness (Hand Size +1, Equipment Slot +1, discard hand at the end of your turn), by redrawing 2 times your chances of getting OP cards are higher.
  • Pre-emptive Healing: restores 2 HP, draws 1 card, if it’s discarded by other effects, you will gain +8 HP [+10 when upgraded]
  • Pre-emptive: deals 2 piercing DMG, draws 1 card, if it’s discarded by other effects, you will deal +10 DMG [+15 when upgraded]
  • Pre-determined Route: Draws 1 card, if it’s discarded by other effects, draws 2 cards.
  • Fetters Of Souls: (0 AP, gains armor X5. If it’s discarded by other effects, deals 5 DMG. Spawns in another temporary Fetter Of Souls on your next turn.), stackable.

=> Use with “Heavy Ballista” and “Preparedness”, “Mirror” or any other cards that can discard your hands -> Free 5 to 15 piercing DMG each turn.


Check out the video if you are stuck:

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