Dread X Collection 3 – Bubbo’s Adventure Gem Guide

A guide for the cute 3d platformer featuring Bubbo! in the Dread X Collection 3. This goes over where some hidden collectibles are in order to get an alternate ending.

Guide to Bubbo’s Gem Adventure


Here on Gerald’s Island nothing is wrong at all! Everyone is happy to see Bubbo, a brave delivery boy out to make his earnings while looking adorable.

Unfortunately Bubbo arrived at the wrong time and the locals are plotting to hurt our purple cupcake, however there is one thing that can save you! Collection 5 Gems of power and protection from all evils! Awesome!

From here on out I’ll have the locations marked shown in photos. Enjoy!

Cyan/Blue Gem

This Gem is the first you can collect rather fast, when you make your way into the town for the first time collecting the coins, you’ll come across an area you have to climb to make it to the top of a building.

When you get to this point here, jump into the odd colored window.

Tada! That was pretty easy to spot to find! One down and four to go.

Red Gem

Now after making your way through the town and collecting your money, you’ll find that some accidents have happened while you were away! Progress through the game now until you reach the Monkey’s home, this large forest contains 3 Gems, the first of which you can spot in the distance if you look near the rightmost treetops.

So you will want to reach this point in the trees.

Jump over here and carefully platform up the branches, careful now!

After making it up all the way you can reach the Gem and a helpful sign that will tell you about the Gems! Two down, three to go!

Green Gem

Also in the forest is another path of branches of platforming the leads to a Gem, get in this spot and follow along.

You’re jumping across to that branch there on the right.

Now that you’re here you’ll see a pretty straight path to climb, like the last Gem, make your way up carefully and reach the next spot

At this point you can hop across the gap above and make your way to collect our third Gem! Bubbo is feeling a little more safe now.

Purple Gem

Now from the green Gem, hop right off to the town and peer down the sewer drain.

You see where the moss and red brick meet? You’re aiming for that spot.

You’ll reach this spot right here!

And meet a cute friend inside.

One more!

Magenta Gem

This is the last Gem I found, mostly because imo it is the most hidden, there’s not a whole lot of indication it is there.

Head to the edge of the forest until you spot a friendly Bear on some edges.

I love this cute Bear, he’s adorable!

So the secret is right in the wall behind him, just sort of jump into it till you find the spot.

And there we go! Another friendly thing seems to be here! Welp with all the Gems you now have full protection from the dark evils that may try to snatch you away! To get the alternate ending just Fall down the flesh pit at the end with all your gems in hand and reach the heart!

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