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Pumpkin Jack - All Skull and Gramophone Locations (Level 3)

Written by n1KEYT   /   Oct 25, 2020    

This guide will show you all locations to the skulls and the gramophone in level 3 with pictures, a complete breakdown!

How to Get Gramophone and All Skull on Level 3

Secret Gramophone

To the right of the mushrooms, not the left of the mushrooms (for the mission)...all the way at the end of the mushrooms is your secret item!

Skull #1

Right side, pretty soon after starting the level!

Skull #2

Defeat all enemies, skull is on the top of the little structure to the right.

Skull #3

On top of the very top of the structures!

Skull #4

To the left side, kind of hidden on the structures.

Skull #5

To the right, really hidden and out of sight, platform jump on the boats until you see it in the distance!

Skull #6

Defeat all enemies, skull is directly in open afterwards!

Skull #7

Down below, really out of sight and hidden, jump down from the structures you are on!

Skull #8

On structures, not that hard to find!

Skull #9

Defeat all enemies and Skull Crow is right in the open!

Skull #10

Go to the end of the trail, at the bottom (do not climb up and platform)..you will run into the skull crow at the very end!

Skull #11

Platform as your mission but cut off the trail to the left, it's slightly obvious!

Skull #12

Defeat all enemies and get skull crow!

Skull #13

Go on top of the structures at the very top (left structures)!

Skull #14

Climb to very top of structure!!

Skull #15

Defeat all enemies to unlock Crow Skull!

Skull #16

Drop down and it's directly behind you, probably the most tricky one to find tbh!

Skull #17

Skull is placed on the structures to the left, don't get distracted with the enemies, you might miss this one!

Skull #18

Defeat all enemies and get the Crow Skull!

Skull #19

Behind the ship wrecks, to the right, behind a tree! Keep an eye open for this one!

Skull #20

At the very end of the maze, the ship platform puzzles, etc...you will fight a horde of enemies and once you are done you will get the chance to unlock the last skull crow!

Written by n1KEYT.

Game:   Pumpkin Jack