Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – A Robot Uprising! / Calculester Secret Ending

How to Unlock Calculester’s “Uprising” Secret Ending.

How to Unlock

The route is randomly triggered anywhere on the map, when you’re hanging out with Damien, Scott, but mostly Cal, and are then surprised by a gutsy robot with a familiar face.

Event #1 (Weakness)

  • High-fives: Boldness
  • Pancakes: Fun

Event #2 (Imposters)

  • Cool Hats: Fun
  • Hybrids: Creativity

Event #3 (Colossus)

  • Toaster: Smarts
  • Law & Order: Fun

Ask Calculester to the Meteor Shower.

Notes: Choose the choice of the higher stat. There’s a chance to fail when both stats are too low or equal.

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