Tacoma – 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to obtaining all of the achievements in Tacoma.


Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma with ODIN.

This achievement is unlocked automatically by completing the game.


Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having recovered every AR Crew Record and Personal AR Desktop item.

The easiest way to get the ARdcore achievement is to take your time exploring the game, accessing every Crew Record and Desktop. Explore everyone’s personnel quarters, access everyone’s AR desktop items, and access all desks and areas of the station.

Master of Unlocking

Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having opened every keypad and lock on the Station.

Personnel Ring

  • 1228 – Administration Office
  • 0315 – Sareh Hasmadi locker
  • 1407 – Clive Siddiqi locker
  • Key – In Clive’s locker, used to unlock drawer in Clive’s room

Biomedical Ring

  • 0281 – Botany lower area
  • 2080 – Imaging Records
  • Key – In Medical Office desk drawer, unlocks Medical supply locker

Engineering Ring

  • 0809 – Maintenance tunnel in Drone Bay
  • 0451 – A.I. confirmation code

From Downtown

Made a 3-point shot in micro-G basketball.

This achievement can be completed any time you are in the Hub. All you have to do is make a shot from outside the 3-point line, but if you’re having trouble distinguishing where that line is there is a button directly across from the biomedical hatch that will make the 3-point space visible.


Restored the Obsolescence Day sign.

In the Administration area, you’ll need to find all the letters that have fallen off the wall and place them back in the right spot. You’ll be missing an ‘O’ and an ‘M’.

The ‘O’ is found in the Lavatory next to the toilet. The ‘M’ is found on the left side of the ramp on the floor as you walk down the ramp from the dining area to the Lounge. Place these back on the wall to unlock the achievement. Oh, and happy Obsolescence Day!


Go a full round with the punching bag in the Gym.

The punching bag is found in the back right of the Fitness Center in Operations. To get the achievement, approach the bag until prompted and then punch until Amy (your character) is winded. The achievement will pop before the bag does.


Gave Tina back her hat (and her head…).

Warning: The skull cannot be brought back to Biomedical once it has been brought to the Hub.

The skull and hat are both in Medical Storage, but to get the skull you will need to get the supply locker key from the desk drawer in the Medic’s Office in Exam Facilities. Once you unlock the supply locker, the skull is on the bottom shelf, right side behind a bottle. The hat is found on to the left side of the Medical Storage room table on the floor. If you don’t see it right away, walk to the broken shelf and look down on the ground. Take both the hat and skull to the Exam Facilities, and place them back on the skeleton in the closet next to the gurneys in the back of the room.


Worked together with Tina to make a particularly spooky basket.

Warning: The skull cannot be brought back to Biomedical once it has been brought to the Hub.

The skull can be found in Medical inside the Medical Storage area. To get it, you’ll need to go to Sareh’s office in Medical and get the key from her desk drawer. Once you’ve completed the area, grab the skull from medical storage and bring it to the Hub and make a basket. Enjoy!


Retrieved Bert’s wedding ring from the Station.

This achievement won’t pop until you finish the game, so don’t worry. Once you enter Mechanical Engineering, stop and look down carefully at the grate in front of the Operation Moonshot Status Board. You will find the ring below the grate and be prompted with ‘I can’t reach it through the grate.’ Go to the Drone Bay and proceed straight forward where you’ll be prompted to enter a code. Do so, then keep moving along that path until you’ve gone down a ramp and make a right. If you stop there and look up, you’ll be able to look up through the grating to where the Status Board and Mechanical Engineering entrance is. The ring will be half visible, grab it and complete the game to get your achievement.


Found the AR cat in every recovered Crew Record on the Station.

To get this achievement you’ll have to find each instance of the Housecat throughout the game. There are seven instances where the Housecat can be found. In order for the achievement to trigger you will need to make sure that “Housecat” appears at the top of your HUD when looking at the animal.

  • Administration: The cat can be found in the Conference Room, sleeping on a chair by the window next to the wall calendar.
  • Operations: The cat can be found in the Laundry room. Once you enter step close to the laundry machines and look up and to the right on top of the air vent.
  • Botany: The cat can be found in the Protein Growth room of the Food Supply area. In the room, stand next to the mushrooms and look directly above the Beef protein pod in the corner. You’ll find the cat sleeping atop the grate near the pipe.
  • Medical: The cat is found in the Imaging room of the Exam Facilities. Once you enter the imaging room, look down underneath the examination table.
  • Mechanical Engineering: The cat is found in the Powercell Access room. Once you enter the room, step all the way forward against the cardboard box and look the left where the fan is against the wall. The cat will be sleeping atop a powercell next to it. If you are having trouble seeing it, shift around until you can.
  • Network Technology: The cat is found in the central area of Network Technology. Retrieve the memory and pause it at the beginning. Stand where Sareh’s blue avatar is and look at the center lit column, then up and to the right at the window. The cat is sleeping there on the window sill.
  • The Hub: The cat is found the the Cryogenics area of the Hub. Once you’ve retrieved the memory, pause it and approach E.V. St. James (the Station Administrator) and look in her arms to find her holding the Housecat.

Therefore Art Thou

Activate Juliet and reunite her with Romeo in zero-G.

This achievement can only be done at the end of the game. The cleaner bot found in the beginning of the game inside the Hub’s name is “Romeo”, and it has a counterpart named “Juliet”. The counterpart cleaner robot can be found in the Cryogenics area opposite of where E.V. St. James and Clive Siddiqi are found in the beginning of the memory. It is next to Sareh Hasmadi’s cryo-pod; grab the robot and release it in the main Hub area. Once “Juliet” and “Romeo” physically meet, the achievement will pop.

Employee of the Month

Escaped Tacoma having read all incoming messages from Venturis.

Throughout the game you will get messages from the Venturis corporation. Whether you read them through the game or not, to get this achievement you must open your AR desktop and scroll through every message from Virtus launching from Tacoma Station at the end of the game. At this point there should be a total of nine (9) messages. If you only have eight, proceed to the Dock area to get the final message from Juno.

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