Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Multiplayer Beginners Guide

This guide will help you win your first few games in multiplayer. It discusses common starter build orders, unit compositions and good cards.

Beginners Guide to Multiplayer

Age 1

  • Send your Vills to collect seperate crates (food first, then wood).
  • only collect as much as you need (all food, 100 wood) then build house.
  • Start hunting with your vills (Berries are slower than hunts).
  • Treasures: Wood/food then gold (usually), healing units/natives/animals (Except Scout) usually not worth taking fast.
  • Start Herding hunts to your tc (you want 2 extra batches of them).
  • If you found wood: Build market (and get food upgrade) or TP.
  • Age 1 card: usually 3 vills.
  • Age up politician: Quartermaster (400w) or 200 gold outpost.
  • While Ageing up see if your opponent is rushing you.
  • Get first food upgrade in the market/ or tp on the trade route (to get faster shipments).

Age 2

  • Immediately after ageup: send first card (if rushed, then units) if not 700 wood (wood is gathered the slowest. Food (from hunts) the fastest. Gold gather rate is between wood and food)
  • Gather the ress and build barracks/houses and get units out.
  • Try to always have a unit in queue, so you can always get batches out (if you need them).
  • With 700 wood you can get market upgrades (both food upgrades/first gold) a stable, houses and maybe a tp.
  • Good cards to follow up (depending on situation and what you want to do), 4 vills, crates, units.
  • Transition to age 3 with 700 gold.

Unit Composition

Age 2

  • Musk/melee cav.
  • Musk/light infantry(archer,crossbow,strelets).
  • Xbow pike.
  • Maybe: melee infantry/melee cav (hard to pull off).

Age 3

  • Musk + melee cav (hussar) + canon (falc).
  • Dragoons/skirmisher.

Cards and Closing Thoughts

Good Cards

  • Age 1:3 vills (allways a good first card for Supremacy).
  • advanced tradepost (if you go for Trade route), schooner (if you go for water).
  • With civilisations which dont have 3 settler, first card can be wood trickle (distributism for india and russians) or crates.
  • Age 2: 700w, 700g, Units, Villagers.
  • Good age 3 cards: 2 falcs, 1000 wood, units.

Things you always want to do

  • Allways Produce vills!
  • Keep your villagers Working.
  • Keep ressources low/ Spend your ress as soon as you can and get army or economy.
  • Be active on map.
  • Get Used to hotkeys early!

Thoughts for TG

You usually stay with one unit type at the start (Melee cav, light infantry, heavy infantry) and you can go for more eco in Fortress age.

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