Apex Legends – How to Fix FPS Stutters

This Guide will be for people who has fps stutters while in game, this issue is caused by your GPU not being Prioritized in game, my methods eliminated my fps stutters and i actually gained fps aswell

Before I show you the method i would like to note that if your pc is anything below a 1050ti, 8gb of ram or Ryzen 3 CPU then your game might be stuttering because of that issue, even if your system may not reach the requirements you can still use this method!

Prioritizing Your GPU

  • For Nvidia GPU’s right click on your desktop and click on Nvidia control panel, as seen here:

  • You then want to click on “Manage 3D Settings” as seen here:

  • After that you then want to click on “Program Settings” as seen here:

  • You now see a list of options and by the number 1. you see “Customize” by that option you will see “Add” click on that:

  • Once you have clicked on “add” you will now see a menu that has a list of games, assuming you have Apex Legends installed, find apex legends, click on it and click on “Add selected programs”:

  • Below that you will now see a list of options, scroll down until you see the option “CUDA- GPU” you will now select that option and you will see a menu pop up on the bottom, select the option “Use these GPU’s” and select your GPU right below it as seen here:

  • Click apply and you are set!


I dont know much about that set of GPU’s but im pretty sure its the same as Nvidia GPU’s go to were your games are listed and see if you can see an option that prioritizes the game to your dedicated graphics card, and you should be set!

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