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The professional feature is that many CARDS can add a 1/1 to the elf’s entourage to the hand card, and some CARDS satisfy the combo conditions to start the effect. It is important to note that, unlike hearth thieves, elves combo need to play two or more CARDS to trigger, the trigger conditions are relatively harsh, but when a successful general effect is stronger. Add 1/1 of the hand CARDS to trigger a combo, or use the mound to trigger the hades. (originally shouldn’t be on the new post to talk too much about details of the card group, but in hades and fit for the high elves this career, so suggest any intend to major in elf player a chance to go to see the path to hades the card) the current combo number in the left corner can look at the screen.

Current version of the popular card group: Tempo, spirit, Hybrid spirit.

Personal assessment: The elf has been a pro-daughter since many versions, and has been occupying the mainstream position of the Tier1 card group by virtue of the flexible professional characteristics that can be solved. The disadvantage is that the card group is generally more expensive, the average production cost is more than 30000 powder, and the upper hand difficulty is higher, not recommend the new person to use. The kleptocrat had a minute to go straight to the master.


The professional feature is that the following card is divided into the commander and the soldier, and the general commander can strengthen the soldier or trigger the skill condition of the soldier to start the combo. The royal card group is divided into two groups: face shape and control. It takes advantage of the characteristics of professional reproduction ability to achieve the purpose of output injury when the other party is unable to complete the field. The control field focuses on the attendant exchange, and wins the station advantage step by step. Because there are a large number of derivative CARDS (that is, a card that calls more than one card), the single card panel is not high, and the cooperation of different CARDS can be used to show the strength.

Current version of the popular card group: Royal, royal, royal, royal, medium speed royal.

Personal assessment: The royal family was in a very strong position in the last edition because the new gold/rainbow card is not as good as other professions, but it is still not weak. It is not difficult for the new couple to make a royal card for the face shape. After being familiar with the royal family, there will also be a better understanding of the attendants exchange, which will be able to get more rewards in 2pick so as to paint more CARDS without CARDS.


The professional feature is that part of the card will get the spell boost to enhance its own effect every time you use a spell card. In addition, the mage of the other faction is required to generate special site card printing and use other CARDS to effect the effect. The mages who do not use earth printing are very few, relying more on the magic to reach the power of resonating times. The law of soil printing prevails through the number/quality of the entourage or the way of the underworld.

Current version of the popular card group:
The subtotal transcendence law, the soil printing method.

Personal assessment: The card of the wizard is very interesting, especially the subelement method, a lot of times can be turned over. However, if there is any pursuit for ladder, the first set of card group should not be the practice division, because the cost is higher, the hand difficulty is also quite big, need to the other card group’s cutting line is very understanding.


The job feature is the “Play Point” (commonly referred to as PP) to 7, and some CARDS trigger the effect of the spell boost. The dragon is characterized by a large number of disease walking attendants (that is, a face can be played on the ground), generally divided into rapid-attack dragons and medium-speed dragons. The fast break dragon pays attention to the early shop attendants, and wins the blood with the characteristics of some of the attendants who cannot be attacked. The medium velociraptor is similar to the roar of the furnace stone before, the early solution field + the maintenance fee, accumulated the PP advantages and then followed after a wave of kill to win.

Current version of the popular card group:
Hit the dragon, Olivia dragon, medium speed dragon.

Personal assessment:
In terms of the difficulty, it is more suitable for the novice, not to calculate too many solution field problems, the only disadvantage is that the three fauntes already need 10500 powder… In the case of the slow speed dragon, many websites will say that the current version is weak. In fact, there is a pretty good chance of winning in the master segment, mainly depending on the player’s strength. Do you think falut is so good at playing?

The necromancer

The professional feature is the Necromancy effect of the number of CARDS that are consumed by the necropolis, while the other CARDS are generally responsible for the mound. In addition, there are a lot of dead language (broken into a graveyard, attention must be destroyed, eliminate not trigger) effect of retinue, rival improper handling will be very trouble.

Current version of the popular card group:
Fast attack dead spirit, control dead spirit.

Personal assessment:
Is similar to other professions, rushing the necromancer is more suitable for novice, 5 fee can play the dog sister 6 time consuming to single back to hit 11 damage high outbreak card group, shortcomings are still three dogs younger sister need 10500 powder (ノ ° Д °) ノ control the intensity of the necromancer itself is worth affirmation, but now the version of the bishop’s flood (bishop has a large eliminate card) leads to the sleeve groups play a very limited, is not suitable for impact points. In addition, the remains of the dead and the dead are both very interesting and powerful card groups.

The Vampire

The occupational characteristic is that the blood volume of the player drops to 10 or below to trigger the effect of vengeance. Slow vampires have plenty of ways to respond and control the amount of blood that rivals fear to trigger revenge. The fast attack vampire is more likely to be more likely to have a blood injury and a large number of bats, often ending the fight in six rounds.

Current version of the popular card group:
Vampire, Mary vampire, vampire.

Personal assessment:
Bat vampires belong to the fast break and the cost is relatively low, and the majority of the mainstream card group also has a good restraint effect. But compared with the other fast break card group, this one has more detail than the one that needs attention. It’s not that you can achieve a high success rate by relying on topdeck alone. Card will slow a vampire in the group need to other card slay line is very understand, because to late 10 blood abort is not easy, most of the time trigger vengeance is not far from the lost the game.


A professional feature is a field card with a large count down effect. Reciprocal space card automatically after the specified round damage started effect (even if the opponent will also launch effect in advance, but similar to the death, eliminate not trigger), but when a tend to be a supermodel. Apart from the penultimate, the bishop also has a number of reply CARDS, and ella can also play the advantage of the following snowball.

Current version of the popular card group:
To teach, to teach, to teach.

Personal assessment:
The current version of the bishop has become the second most used occupation because of the excessive buff. Scurrying to teach due to low cost, output capacity is enough, always in a ladder points card set by a thread, strongly recommend newcomers to learn and use (note scurrying to teach group belongs to the medium speed card, will not be as easy as fast break, discomfort players please adjust). The other two are more likely to respond to the settlement, which is less characteristic of other professions. Especially the direct victory effect of the serif, and it is similar to the suborder.

In Addition

The content of the game is similar to the furnace stone legend, with the main story, AI battle, quick match, ladder, room battle and 2pick (i.e. the arena).

The main story: each career has a main line. The sixth chapter of each line will get the key card of the career, and the new person must prioritize the main line. In addition, the main line reward is more generous, and after the qing dynasty, 2pick can get a lot of gold COINS. Personally, the mainline is not too friendly to the players who first contact the card game, and then the corresponding basic cartoon teaching post may come out.

AI versus: simply playing computer practice. It is worth mentioning that after each super difficult career, you will get 200 gold pieces, but the card group will have some difficulty, not too urgent.

Quick match:
generally used for test card groups or for professional routines that are not very good at. There are three daily tasks, which can be obtained from a daily task, which can be replaced by a daily task. In the early stage, there will always be some professional card groups, Suggestions and other three tasks will be refreshed to choose the most uncertain replacement. The refresh cycle is 21 hours.

Skyladder: in the ladder mode, each game will receive 100BP (battle point). A certain amount of BP will be awarded with gold COINS, powder, card bags and 2pick tickets. The monthly rewards will be reset. At least Beginner0, the highest Master, each class is divided into three or four levels, and Beginner0 to B3 will gain more BP. Section B begins to get to the point where there will be a level of qualification. There will be no penalty for the promotion failure, but the challenge will be repeated until the next big section is reached. Large segments will not fall off, but for example, A1 zero (23000) will lose the game and immediately drop back to A0 (22900). When you arrive at the Master segment, you will not lose the segment. You will only gain/lose the corresponding Master point.

Room battle: sometimes the room demands a victory. You can also do a 2pick exercise in your room. Support to invite friends to fight.

2pick: unlike other modes, the number of card group CARDS is reduced from 40 to 30, and 15 CARDS are selected each time. For the first and last time, there will be the corresponding professional gold/rainbow card. In the middle 13 times, there is also a small chance of a central card (however, it doesn’t work). Unlike the furnace stone arena, the 2 pick in shadowverse will play five games and receive corresponding rewards according to the number of wins. With luck, the 2 wins will be able to return to Ben (20 ~ 50 gold COINS + 1 standard card pack), and 4 wins will be close to the permanent (100 ~ 140 gold COINS + 1 standard card bag). Five gold COINS are generally between 200 and 280, and there is a small chance that two standard CARDS will be awarded.

Then talk about the resources in the game: gold COINS, crystal and b too

Gold COINS: can be obtained through daily tasks, unlocking achievements, battle point rewards and 2pick rewards, equal to crystal value (i.e. 1:1). It can be used to buy a card bag (100 gold COINS), the character replaces the head (500 gold COINS, the bundle will be cheaper) and the 2pick admission (150 gold COINS).

Crystal: only available on krypton, buy the first card with crystal at half price (50 crystals) every day. It can also be used to buy goods of any kind.

B too powder: it can be obtained by unlocking the card, unlocking the achievement of the mbattle point and the 2pick reward, for making the card. The amount of powder for decomposition/synthesis is copper card 10/50, silver card 50/200, gold card 250/800, orange card 1000/3500. Dynamic CARDS cannot be synthesized, but more powder is obtained when decomposed.

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