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SpellForce 3: Fallen God - How to Solve Akrog Holmes Quest

Written by Romanthony   /   Nov 6, 2020    

Guide to Solve Akrog Holmes Quest

  • Ask Chieftian Mayor about the troll.
  • Ask the Trader about the troll.
  • As the Guards about the troll.
  • As the hunter about the Troll.
  • Inspect the weapons near the hunter.

Note: All these are around the village.

  • Ask the outcast.
  • Find the deer (when you find this it will show in the journal as "Troll weapon found").

Note: These are near the outcast camp.

  • Ask the tiny greenskin about the troll.

Note: This is the bottom left of the map.

The rest are in the south Area the village and near the "Diggging mounds.

  • Find the slave chains.
  • Find the trolls camp.
  • Find where the troll fell.
  • Done!

Written by Romanthony.