Stellaris – How to Obtain Opposites Attract Achievement (Easy Method)

Quick guide to get the Opposites Attract achievement in roughly 40 years without having to worry about RNG.

Opposites Attract Achievement Guide



  • Player: Xenophobe, Authoritarian, Militarist.
  • AI 1: Xenophile, Materialist, Pacifist.
  • AI 2: Xenophile, Egalitarian, Spiritualist.

The player must have the ethics listed above as they can easily negate the Militarist penalty for joining a Pacifist federation by choosing the “Liberation Wars Only” policy. They can also set First Contact protocols to “Peaceful” and Border Policy to “Open” which are settings a Xenophobe AI will very rarely change unless you already had good relations.

Also, it may be obvious, but don’t take Fanatical Purifiers as a trait…

Set all starting worlds to the same class (I prefer Continental but it doesn’t matter) this is important to get Migration Treaties to boost the “Trust” stat even quicker.


  • Tiny, Ring, 2 AI Empires, 0 Advanced AI, 0 Fallen Empires, Cadet.

Make sure to set hyperlanes to max to avoid getting pinned in a section of the galaxy.


Build your Unity building as quickly as possible, generally I keep the game paused so I can sell 200 food, 50 Consumer Goods and 50 Alloys to buy enough minerals to have the structure built in exactly 1 year from game start.

Quick Unity is important because we need to make sure we can expand quickly enough to both empires so as to reduce the “Distance” penalty when trying to create a federation. Therefore, we need to complete the Domination tradition tree first then complete the Diplomacy tree for the Trust cap boost.

Keep an eye out for the Society research which lets you construct the “Embassy Complex” as more envoys will speed things up. Also be sure to build enough ships so the “Relative Power of Empires” penalty doesn’t come into effect.

When you encounter the first AI, send your envoy to improve relations, be sure to accept any Trade, Research or Migration Treaties in order to boost relations and create a federation as soon as the option becomes available.

Now the second empire is teeny-tiny bit trickier. Even if you follow the step above and have Cordial relations with the 3rd empire, the federation AI empire will reject the invitation. This is because the 2nd empire doesn’t have strong enough relations with the 3rd, so you must give the lonely empire a mere Federation Association Status for the time being. Over time the 2nd and 3rd empires will build Trust growth due to the Association status, enough so that you will finally be able to invite them.

Good Job! You got the achievement, no RNG necessary.

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  1. You do this on a small galaxy map, manually create three empires, set two to ‘forced spawning’ and limit number of ai in the game to 2.

  2. Or just wait for endgame year in a huge galaxy with 5 FEs, more or less guaranteeing a War in Heaven, and then join the biggest Non-Alligned Alliance ever.

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