SpellForce 3: Fallen God – How to Obtain Competitive Trolling Achievement

The purpose of this guide is to help both achievement hunters and people with fairly little competitive RTS experience to gain the one win in Ranked mode with Troll race needed to unlock the “Competitive Trolling” achievement.

Guide to Win Ranked Match with Trolls


This guide aims to help you gain enough knowledge to achieve the Win Ranked match with Trolls. It might seem intimidating, but it is overall a fairly simple task.

I will take you through some basic steps that should give you massive advantage against most new and low ranking players with very little required mechanical skill.

After you are mentally prepared, head to the Versus selection in the game and you should notice that your Ranked option has this silvery blank shield and rating 1000 next to it. Everyone starts from that.

Remember to choose Trolls as your Race before clicking the Ranked.

As you launch the game and find the match keep a look out for the enemy shield. If it’s the same as yours or dim Bronze, you are almost certainly playing either a new or low ranked player. If it’s shiny and more colorful the matchmaker is pitting you against someone way higher (hasn’t happened to me yet, but if it happens to you, you might want to just quit and queue again).

Early Game and Basics

Right as the game starts you want to instantly start training your hero from the Godstone. Both are fine options but I found Chieftain (melee) be simpler and quite effective so pick him unless you want to experiment with the other.

Put down few Woodcutters and Hunting Camps right away and as soon as your hero is out, set out to capture Sectors.

A lot of newer players play the game very safely, only capturing like 1-3 Sectors around themselves and then mostly turtling in their base. The core of this guide exploits these habits to the maximum. This means that you will have to abandon all the fear and defensive habits you might have in RTS games and go around the map capturing as much Sectors as you feasibly can.

Your Chieftain should level his damaging Stomp as it doesn’t require even Focus, it’s the key to clearing weakly protected Sectors with ease. Everything else you can pretty much skill up as you like. I personally got him the abilities to add other trolls to his guard and made use of their extra stomp and such.

Some Sectors have no guards and those with the Basic Skull are very easy to beat with Chieftain alone. All the others you can try to capture, but avoid combat with the stronger guards.

As you go along the map capturing as many Sectors as you can, you can soon enough add few basic Trolls from your main building to support your Hero. Try to upgrade the flags that don’t have advanced guards in their zone as soon as you have resources and once they are complete start adding more Woodworkers, Hunters/Farms, Stonecutters based on how your resources are currently limited.

Mid Game

As more and more of the map falls under your control and your economy picks up, you can start adding more Trolls to your army, make the combat/tech buildings and start adding Scrappers to gain the late resources.

Don’t worry too much about defending, if you manage to upgrade flags close to your opponent’s area, you could just slap watchtowers there and upgrade them to make him consider twice trying to push out.

Your main objective is to simply become overwhelmingly rich in resources so you can just flood him with your upgraded units once your economy has truly kicked in and your tech catches up.

The less Sectors your opponent claims, the easier the game gets. If you are given option to disrupt his unprotected flags, feel free to do so, but most likely they are heavily fortifying a small section of the map. If they dare poke out their head from their stronghold and you think you have enough units to match them, you can pick a fight if only to thin their units and bait them to play more defensive. Your losses don’t really matter, including the hero, as long as you can keep them on backfoot and passive.

Best outcome is if they play super passive and you can just focus on economy undistrupted the whole game.

When choosing between upgrading units and improving economy/upgrading flags, you should focus on the economy, some early upgrades and additional units are still fine if the opponent shows any signs of activity.

Late Game and Going for the Win

As the whole map has been pretty much split between the players, hopefully at least 3/4 in your favor and your economy is on full throttle, you should continue amassing army and upgrading it.

If you have gotten this far with no issues, the game should already be yours. You can push towards the population cap and upgrade your trolls as you see fit. Once you feel ready you can just flood your opponent.

Don’t worry too much if this swarm somehow fails to finish them off, as long as you do enough damage you have the funds to rebuild over and over as they are starving for resources and only prolonging their doom. You could also bait their army with your into range of your upgraded watchtowers, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

This should seal the deal and give you the win needed for the achievement.

If you lose somewhere on the way, worry not, the matchmaker should give you easier matches as your rating lowers. However on my experience the new and low ranked players play very passively, though they might build towers and their own big army, they rarely put it into use and let you just take over the game.

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