Dead by Daylight – The Twins Prison Strategy

A Guide on how to play the new Dead by Daylight Killer, The Twins. This guide covers how to best use your information and multiple zone presence to its best effect.

The Build

  • Perks: Stridor + Corrupt Intervention + Sloppy Butcher + Pop Goes the Weasel.
  • Addons: Forest Stew/Toy Sword + bloody black hood.

Iron Will and WGLF are popular counters to Victor, which makes Stridor a good tool to track Survivors even with your low FOV.

Corrupt Intervention gives you a good amount of time to park in a spot and to search for Survivors with your low terror and hidden stature.

Survivors healing is your biggest counter, and you will almost always m1 a Survivor once. Victor also has built in Bloodhound so the extra blood allows you to easily track Survivors.

Forest Stew gives insane map mobility and makes chases much easier, toy sword makes chases easier too at a much lower rarity, but you give up your map mobility.

Bloody Black Hood drastically reduces the swap time from Victor to Charlotte allowing you to apply pressure much more aggressively and saves you lots of time.

PGTW let’s you set up a easy 3 gen with your constant hook rotation.


The #1 Rule of The Twins: Never attack a healed Survivor with Victor unless Charlotte can apply pressure to another vulnerable Survivor. A Survivor can hold Victor hostage and gimp you from having a power, reducing your ability to control spaces until they want to do a Generator or heal.

How to Start Every Match:

  • Park Charlotte near a popular gen out of LOS that isn’t under Corrupt Intervention.
  • Send out Victor to get your first hit.
  • Usually a Survivor will be on your gen giving you a free hit with no terror.
  • The 1st Survivor will have thrown Victor off them so down the 2nd survivor with Victor and park Victor on top of them, swap back to victor if you get a killer instinct ping from another Survivor to stop the heal and get a free hit.
  • Park Victor under the hook you want to hook your downed Survivor at.
  • Hook the survivor on that hook.

Mid Game:

  • Use Charlotte to patrol gens and chase survivors until you get a ping from Victor, if Victor is about to run out, you can refresh his timer by swapping back and forth.
  • Wait for the survivor to get unhooked, down them with Victor, then latch onto the savior if they are healed, otherwise you get 2 free downs as you can leap through hooked Survivors.
  • Head back with Charlotte and down the savior with Victor if you can’t catch them immediately with Charlotte.
  • Repeat steps 1-3, as gens get completed lurk closer and closer to force a 3 gen which charlotte does insanely well.

End Game:

  • Usually by now you’ve chain downed enough survivors to have multiple hooked next to each other. If Survivors can’t heal Victor will tear them apart as they can’t use the hook to bodyblock, and no BT to safely farm.
  • Start parking Charlotte near gens and patrol the hooks and other gens with Victor to exhibit end game pressure until the game is over.
  • If Survivors are all injured you can start aggressively slugging.

What to Do at?

Downed Survivor in Pallet: Drop Victor on the other side of the pallet, pick up survivor while covering as much space on the other side. No angle for pallet save if done right.

Basement: Park Charlotte at the top of basement stairs, attack survivors with Victor, if you track a Survivor back to basement with Victor, use the unhook down strat and latch onto the savior, they cant get in a locker or heal the slug fast enough before you kill them both.

Killer Shack: Park Charlotte on the inside of killer shack non-pallet door, then chase around shack with Victor. The window is too unsafe to loop vs Victor on the pallet side giving you a quick down even if they throw shack pallet.

Exit Gates: After closing Hatch, Park Charlotte at 1 gate and Victor at the other and swap back and forth until EGC timer burns out or they approach the exit gate.

Unique Mechanics about Victor

While in Victor form you can not see auras or locational pings such as Rancor.

Victor does not trigger Spine Chill or have a terror radius. Victor does not apply on hit effects either.

When attempting to pounce, hold m2 to bait dead hard or guarantee a hit. Missing is extremely detrimental and can cost you the game.

If a Survivor gets in a locker, park Victor in front of the locker then swap to Charlotte then back Victor. The cloak effect will usually bait them to leave the locker giving you a hit with toy sword.

After you down a Survivor with Victor, you are extremely vulnerable to being kicked, try and get away from the other Survivor during your fatigue if they are grouped.

Do not jump on hills to go after a Survivor, you are very vulnerable.

Survivors can crouch past Victor to not trigger Killer Instinct.

Known Bugs

Repeated swapping from Victor to Charlotte can cause a bug where Victor’s camera is tilted making aiming pounces incredibly difficult.

Pouncing into certain walls kills Victor instantly, Azarov’s office is a fairly consistent one.

A rare bug causes Charlotte to move at cripplingly slow speed after Victor pounces a survivor, temporarily remedied by Victor being kicked, entering Victor again will cause the issue to remanifest.

If Charlotte is stunned while controlling Victor, attempting to go back to Victor will cause your controls to permanently lock, making you unable to move or take action for the rest of the match.

If you swap back to Charlotte and hear two “shroud” noises, Victor will be unable to move for the rest of the match and only able to pounce.

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