Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – How to Unlock Jerry Secret Ending

How to Unlock Jerry’s “Murder” Secret Ending.

Jerry Secret Ending Guide

How to Unlock

The route is triggered obtaining the Doom Perignon at Juan’s bar. The whole cast of main romance options plus Cool Josh and Jerry will then gather to play spin the bottle at the next event.

Event #1 (Suspect)

  • Calculester: Smarts
  • Aaravi: Creativity

Event #2 (Money)

  • Horse-betting: Fun
  • Billionaire: Creativity

Event #3 (Motive)

  • Damien: Fun
  • Coven: Charm
  • Ask nobody to the Meteor Shower.


  • Choose the choice of the higher stat.
  • There’s a chance to fail when both stats are too low or equal.
  • Stat checks are inconsistent and tentative (Devs plan to change/have changed some).
Written by Nezeru

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