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Tribal Wars - How to Play (Quick Introduction)

Written by InnoTimo   /   Nov 11, 2020    

How to Play Tribal Wars - A Quick Introduction

If you want to stand your ground in Tribal Wars, you will have to take on multiple tasks:

  • Building a village.
  • Defending your village while attacking other villages.
  • Take control of more villages to expand your empire.
  • Work together in a tribe.

Let's go to a quick, general description of how to achieve this!

Building Your First Village

To construct buildings or recruit units you need resources. You receive resources automatically from your resources production (timber camp, clay pit, iron mine). You also receive those resources when you are not logged into your account.

You will get more resources the more you expand your resource buildings. It is important to build up your warehouse to make sure that you don't lose the resources that don't fit. At the top right of your screen you can see how many resources your warehouse can hold, and how many you currently have.

The village overview gives you a lot of information about your village on one page. You can see the size of your buildings, your current resource production, your troops and troop movements.

You can recruit your first units in the barracks. To construct barracks you need to upgrade your headquarters to level 3. First you will only be able to build spear fighters; for other units you might need specific buildings or other requirements.


Once you've built a few units and want to attack an opponent, just go to the map and click on the village that you want to attack. There you select "send troops". Don't forget: Every village has a base defense, that might be upgraded, and your opponent might have units as well to defend with. All units have different properties, which make some units better for attacking and others better for defending. You can find details about the units' skills in the Unit overview, and you can find out about your potential target's current status by sending out scout units.

The tutorial system will take you through the first steps of building and defending your village, but don't forget that you can always do what you feel is best.

How to Win

To win a round of Tribal Wars, you should keep an eye on what type of Endgame your current world is playing. From (theoretically) simple "Dominance"-Settings to more complicated rules like "Rune Wars", where you have to capture specific, important target cities on the world map, or "Age of Enlightenment", where battle is only one step on the path to victory through knowledge - you can always see the game type from the world selection screen.

Don't Stay Alone

The best idea? Look for a tribe you can depend on! Tribes will help in every aspect of the game, so we strongly advise to make this your top priority - no one survives alone in Tribal Wars.

Written by InnoTimo.

Game:   Tribal Wars