Ghostship Chronicles – Items Guide + Weapon Locations

This guide covers all of the items in the game and briefly touches on specific properties of the weapons in the game.

General Rules

All credit goes to Bonegrinder!

1. If your health is below 100, the game will auto-use Health Kits. Only when you are at maximum health can you grab one.

2. If your armor is below 200, you can grab an Armor Shard.

3. Some items will auto-pickup by running into them or onto them.

4. Health Stims can only be auto-pickup.

5. Ammo magazines will auto-pickup if you have the gun and if it’s reserve is not at maximum. If you lack the gun or the reserve is at maximum, you can manually pick them up.

6. Grabbing a gun or melee, will automatically place it in your hands, if you have available weapon slots available. Otherwise it is placed in your backpack.

7. You can recover Landmines, but it is risky. You run up to it and hammer the interact button, and it “should” deactivate. My personal recommendation is to only place a landmine if you believe an ambush is coming, otherwise, I usually kill myself when I try to deactivate it, roughly 50% of the time.


1. Health Items:

  • Health Stims are located on the HUD and heal you for your full health. However, a short animation does play and the screen will flash green. Health Stims also provide healing over time, but can only be used at 99 HP or less.
  • Health Kits restore 50 HP and again will auto-use if your health is 99 or less, when you approach one.
  • Healing Supplies restore 100 HP, and are used to heal your teammates. Just aim at your allies, go to inventory, drop the item, and all marines within a short distance will be healed by it. They are also important for an achievement.

2. Armor Items:

  • Armor Shards give 20 Armor and raise your maximum armor by +5. These can only be picked up if your armor is 199 or less. These will give armor even if you are at 0.
  • Armor Suits fully restore all Armor and can be used anytime your armor is not at maximum, and will give you full armor even if your armor is at 0.
  • Armor Repair Kits (I’m pretty sure the name is wrong) fully restore armor, but can only be used if you have at least 1 armor point remaining.

3. Speed Items:

  • Energy Drinks I believe heal you for 20 HP and give you a speed boost for roughly 30 seconds. They are also important for an achievement.
  • Steroids give you a speed boost for about 30 seconds, give healing over time (like the Health Stim) and dim your vision. I personally only use these in emergencies due to the dimming of my vision, but are otherwise quite a useful item in very well lit areas.

4. Explosive Items:

  • Landmines are questionable in their usefulness. They will always kill the player or marines, regardless of health, but I’ve seen some enemies manage to run past them without triggering them and others who are caught in the blast and are undamaged. In my experience, if a landmine is on dry, unbloodied plating, and the enemy is on it as well, they will die in the explosion. For whatever reason, blood stains, organic stuff and even standing on a crate can ensure that something does not die. I’ve reported these issues numerous times, and things have not been addressed, so use at your own peril.
  • Grenades suffer from the same overall issues as landmines, in terms of sometimes killing enemies and sometimes not. But they are lethal to you and your marines. They also have a tendency of bouncing back with the same force, back at you, so be very careful with how you use them. When they work, they are excellent tools at your disposal.

Personally, I’ve suggested an Identify Friend Foe (IFF) mechanism in these devices so that they don’t explode when the player or ally marine is too close to them, and then becomes inert and able to be picked up and used again. Thus far it hasn’t been implemented.

5. Misc Items:

  • Flares are questionable in their usefulness. Most of the time their luminosity can be blocked by organic stuff, crates, and especially if the flare lands bright side down. You have very little control on how flares are placed as you have to use them from your inventory. Most levels are lit enough that flashlights are sufficient, but the only level that really needs them is very late in the game, at which point flares stop dropping as loot. I have suggested making them a slot on your HUD, and a keybind for them, but thus far nothing.
  • Energy Shields are questionable in their usefulness. The shields do not protect you from explosions, the bigger enemies will charge right through them, and they heavily obscure your vision making it hard to see the enemies on the other side of the shield. They do light enemies on fire if they enter the shield and it does provide cover from gunfire, so it can be useful in tight corridors to prevent ambushes.

Weapon Notes

1. Higher grades of Laser Rifle recharge faster. So a Grade 3 recharges faster than a Grade 2.

2. Fire from your flamethrower, lights targets on fire, which deals damage over time and heavily illuminates the area.

3. Fire from your flamethrower, can do the same to allies, so be careful.

4. However, most weapons can be used safely around allies without friendly fire incidents.

5. Each weapon is useful for specific circumstances, and has been balanced heavily to be specialized. No single weapon is ideal for every situation, though some are definitely going to be used more often than others.

6. Headshots on zombies and other infected, causes massive damage. There isn’t any specific weak points on the insectoids though.

7. Fire from your flamethrower is fairly ineffective against zombies. You will be wasting a lot of ammo trying to kill them, so use a different weapon.

8. Melee Weapons are generally useless. In my opinion they are a joke item, so use at your own peril.

9. The shotguns are some of the most powerful shotguns in gaming. With a good shot, you can eliminate 2 or more enemies in a single blast.

10. Laser Rifles recharge only when in your hands, and not in your inventory or when not active. If they charge reaches 0, it is useless and can never be recharged, so throw it away.

Weapon Locations

This is fairly spoilery!

Okay, so you want to know the locations of the weapons, here you go:

  • Level 1 = Combat Pistol, Fire Axe, Laser Rifle G2.
  • Level 2 = Combat Shotgun.
  • Level 4 = Laser Rifle G1, Laser Rifle G3.
  • Level 7 = Battle Rifle.
  • Level 8 = SMG.
  • Level 9 = Advanced Shotgun or Sniper Rifle (Kept Valenco alive).
  • Level 10 = Laser Rifle G2, Flamethrower, Minigun, Sniper Rifle / Advanced Shotgun.
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