Zanki Zero: Last Beginning – Basic Character Guide (Spoiler Free)

An easy visual guide to the characters combat skills. Who gets bonuses in the front vs the back and whom can get bonuses from different weapons.

Guide to Characters Basics


Characters have at least 1 skill for ways to boost their attack and defense based on positioning.

Front line focused

  • Mamoru & Minami

Defensive focused

  • Haruto & Rinko

Back line focused

  • Yuma

Able to take either line

  • Sachika

Odd bals

  • Zen & Ryo

Characters are able to use any weapon, but may gain bonuses with certain types through skills.

Slash users

  • Mamoru, Zen, Sachika, Haruto, Rinko

Blunt users

  • Mamoru, Minami, Ryo, Haruto

Pierce users

  • Zen, Sachika, Ryo, Haruto, Yuma

Throwing users

  • Minami, Sachika, Rinko, Yuma
Written by Azazel

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