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Brick Rigs - Building Tips

Written by Thankful CK   /   Nov 15, 2020    

It doesn't matter if your a beginner or a master. These tips can help you make your builds better!

Tips to Make Builds Better

Invalid Character Loophole

Lets say your saving something and you want to put a period in its name. When you type the period however it will say: "Invalid characters: ." and you wont be able to save it. But I have found a way to upload your workshop items and have these characters! You see, Brick Rigs doesn't allow these characters but steam does! So all you need to do is after you upload the vehicle go into steam go to the vehicle and hit edit title and description. Then you will be able to edit the name and be able to add the characters!

Faster Tank Steering

Lets say you where making a big tank. But it was so big and heavy it could barely turn. But you don't want to make the tank super fast because you want it to be realistic. Here's how to fix it: stack the axels!

Written by Thankful CK.

Game:   Brick Rigs