Cartoon Strike – How to Obtain All Hidden Achievements

A guide on how and where to get the 3 Hidden Achievements in Cartoon Strike!

All Hidden Achievements Guide

All 3 Hidden Achievements

Pillar Climber

  • Its always good to have the high ground.

On the Airport map for the gamemode “Capture the Bag” you will have to climb ontop of the highest tower on the map. Depending on the side you spawn on itll be in different locations, simply climb up by using C4 during the Warmup phase to boost yourself up and ontop.

Once you stand uptop of the tower the achievement will trigger!

It’s getting HOT in HERE!

  • Fall in lava on Planet Khione or Prototype 15 times.

As it says in the description, simply die to falling into lava on Planet Khione or Prototype 15 times and the achievement should trigger.

Unfortunate Package

  • Die due to the bomb dropped by plane on Tounine 10 times.

As the dscription says, die to the airstrikes that come by on the Tounine map 10 times. This one can be challenging, however i found that if you camp ontop of a building until the Bombing Iminant comes on screen then watch to see where the bombs are dropping to get killed by them.

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