Dead by Daylight – Guide to Leatherface Perk Builds

Good perk builds to use with Bubba in Dead by Daylight.

Leatherface Perk Builds


  • Bbq.
  • Save the best for last.
  • Bamboozle.
  • Discordance.

  • Use bbq to quickly find a new target when you hook a survivor.
  • Save the best for last for moments where you need to use m1.
  • Bamboozle can negate loops that bubba struggles with so you can get a hit.
  • Discordance so you can stop major gen rushing and find a new target.

  • Bbq.
  • Corrupt Intervention.
  • Forced penance.
  • Discordance.

  • Bbq for sight after a hook.
  • Corrupt for a chance to get a down before a gen pops.
  • Forced penance to stop body blockers from healing for awhile.
  • Discordance for sight and to try and combat gen rushing.

  • Bbq.
  • Ruin.
  • Undying.
  • Save the best for last.

  • Bbq for sight after hook.
  • Ruin for gen regression when scaring them off.
  • Undying incase ruin is popped and totem sight.
  • STBFL for cool down if you miss m1.

  • Sloppy.
  • Ruin.
  • Nemesis.
  • Play with your food.

  • Sloop for anti healing so fast.
  • Ruin for gen slow down.
  • Nemesis for when you get pallet stunned a new obsession is given.
  • Play with your food so when you’re pallet stunned you get an stack for speed.

Basement build

  • Enduring.
  • Iron grasp.
  • Ruin.
  • Agitation.

  • Enduring in case you get pallet stunned.
  • Iron grasp to carry them to the basement easier.
  • Ruin for gen slowdown.
  • Agitation for boost of speed going to the basement.

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