American Truck Simulator – How to Get into Colorado DLC (without Utah or New Mexico)

Guide to Get into Colorado DLC

All credit goes to mfeets!


I bought the game only because Colorado came out. however, I didn’t spawn there, I spawned in California(stupid move). I still wanted to get into Colorado, so I drove around and found a way in.

Getting There

  1. First of all you need you own truck (I took out a loan and bought one).
  2. Then, work your way (or not, but you can make a few bucks) to Kenyatta, Arizona. This is the key to entering.
  3. Now, drive past Kenyatta and take the next possible left. You will have to go around a barrier, but it allows you to.
  4. Then, turn right into Bluff, Utah. When you see a barrier over a road on your left, push F7 and then call for help. 
  5. The nearest service is actually in Durango, Colorado, and it will TP you there.
  6. Don’t go with a trailer! You will not be able to get back to AZ without quick traveling to your garage. 
  7. That’s it! Explore Colorado! Have fun, as it is an amazing DLC!
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