Post Scriptum – How to Bayonet Charge

Allow me to set the scene. You and your squad is being pinned by a lone Machine gunner, and he’s finally stopped to reload. Here’s how to take down the enemy in the most fun and intimidating way possible.

Guide to Bayonet Charge

Step 1: Organise Your Men

Once there is a break in enemy fire, of any kind, organise your men and tell them that if their gun has a bayonet, they need to fix it now (Top tip: All rifles, and even the sten gun have bayonets). While they do this, pummel them with smoke grenades (top tip 2: When throwing a grenade in a room, throw a smoke first, then throw a frag to disguise it). Once they’re ready, spread them out evenly across a wide area to attack in a pincer movement. By this time, the enemy is likely reloaded, so be ready for step 2.

Step 2: Pummel Them with Grenades

You’ve probably thrown your grenades by now, so get the rest of your squad to throw their frags. If they’re out of range, just get anyone without a bayonet to fire at least 3 magazines at the enemy. Now that they’ve been suppressed again, get everyone to throw smokes at them, and prepare for a bloodbath.

Step 3: Leave Cover and Begin the Charge

As soon as the smoke reaches it’s full size, leave cover and lead the assault. You probably won’t have a bayonet, so instead, fire your weapon at the enemies as you go. The MG, Assault (Unless the assault is British), and the Automatic Rifleman should be covering your advance, and the squad shouldn’t be bunching up. Your attack will be swift and will likely have no casualties… Until you get to the hard part.

Step 4 (Hardest Step): Get to the Enemy Alive

Now that you’re in the smoke, you’re about to experience the hard bit. If the enemy was in a building or was close enough for the smoke to hit them, don’t worry about this bit, because it won’t exist. If you’re crossing a street or field, make sure you do this bit right.

Make sure you are even more spread out than before, and command the squad to run in a zig zag motion as they get closer, to avoid being hit. You have to make sure that you shoot any enemies you spot, so that less targets are to be dealt with. From this point on, If you have been hit, you will be OK. If you were hit when you left cover, it’s all over for you. Get to cover and bandage up, then cover the people charging. The most important thing to do right now is make sure that at least 3 or 4 soldiers make it to the enemy.

Step 5: Kill Anyone in Sight

Now that you have made it to the enemy, it’s time to get messy. Jump over their cover or go around it, and equip your knife. Stab anyone you see, regardless of who they are. Now is not the time to be identifying friendlies, as you need to kill the enemy before they have time to react. Order the MGs to keep up the fire, while the rest of your squad stays low.

Step 5: Regroup and Treat the Wounded

Once the assault is done, get your men to treat all of the wounded. Before the attack even starts, you have to tell your squad that if they get injured, they should not give up and die, because they will be treated. Fortify the area, and wait for the MGs to move up.

And just like that you’re done! I hope this guide helps someone organise an awesome charge.

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