Sea of Thieves – Fishing Guide

This guide will show you fishing and the privileges of fishing.

The Privileges of Fishing and Other

Preparation to Start Fishing

For fishing, you first take the fishing line in your hand. Then you can hook the worm to the fishing line after pressing the R key by holding down the Q key. Although it is unlikely, you may be able to fish without worms.


Once the fish is caught on the hook, hold down the S button until the fish is in your hands. After the fish is caught on the hook, it will move left and right, if the fish move right to respond to these movements, it will hold the A key, if the fish move left, press the D key until the fish change direction or taunt. When the fish stops, ie tired, pull the fish towards you with the left click. You can catch fish by repeating this way.


There are 3 types of worms. To catch the worms, it is enough to dig sand and soil and look at the barrels.


Increases your chances of catching Devilfish and Battlegills. But different fish may also appear.


Increases your chances of catching Plentifin, Wildsplash and Wreckers. But different fish may also appear.


Increases your chances of catching Stormfish and Ancientscale. But different fish may also appear.

Fish Types and Prices

Fish prices are based on cooked form. You can cook the fish from the stove inside the ship.

Splashtail types

  • Ruby Splashtail: 115-285 Coin
  • Sunny Splashtail: 225-565 Coin
  • Indigo Splashtail: 340-850 Coin
  • Umber Splashtail: 565-1410 Coin
  • Seafoam Splashtail: 225-565 Coin

Pondie types

  • Charcoal Pondie: 115-285 Coin
  • Orchid Pondie: 225-565 Coin
  • Bronze Pondie: 340-850 Coin
  • Bright Pondie: 565-1410 Coin
  • Moonsky Pondie: 225-565 Coin

Islehopper types

  • Stone Islehopper: 160-400 Coin
  • Moss Islehopper: 160-400 Coin
  • Honey Islehopper: 160-400 Coin
  • Amethyst Islehopper: 160-400 Coin
  • Raven Islehopper: 1575-3940 Coin

Wildsplash types

  • Russet Wildsplash: 340-850 Coin
  • Sandy Wildsplash: 450-1125 Coin
  • Ocean Wildsplash: 565-1410 Coin
  • Coral Wildsplash: 450-1125 Coin
  • Muddy Wildsplash: 4500-11250 Coin

Plentifin types

  • Olive Plentifin: 340-850 Coin
  • Amber Plentifin: 450-1125 Coin
  • Cloudy Plentifin: 565-1410 Coin
  • Watery Plentifin: 450-1125 Coin
  • Bonedust Plentifin: 4500-11250 Coin

Ancientscale types

  • Almond Ancientscale: 340-850 Coin
  • Sapphire Ancientscale: 450-1125 Coin
  • Smoke Ancientscale: 565-1410 Coin
  • Starshine Ancientscale: 450-1125 Coin
  • Bone Ancientscale: 4500-11250 Coin

Wrecker types

  • Rose Wrecker: 565-1410 Coin
  • Sun Wrecker: 675-1690 Coin
  • Blackcloud Wrecker: 790-1975Coin
  • Snow Wrecker: 4500-11250 Coin
  • Moon Wrecker: 5625-14065 Coin


  • Ashen Devilfish: 340-850 Coin
  • Seashell Devilfish: 450-1125 Coin
  • Firelight Devilfish: 450-1125 Coin
  • Lava Devilfish: 565-1410 Coin
  • Forsaken Devilfish: 4500-11250 Coin


  • Jade Battlegill: 565-1410 Coin
  • Sky Battlegill: 675-1690 Coin
  • Rum Battlegill: 790-1975 Coin
  • Sand Battlegill: 4500-11250 Coin
  • Bittersweet Battlegill: 5625-14065 Coin


  • Ancient Stormfish: 675-1690 Coin
  • Shores Stormfish: 675-1690 Coin
  • Wild Stormfish: 675-1690 Coin
  • Twilight Stormfish: 675-1690 Coin
  • Shadow Stormfish: 6750-16875 Coin

Additional Information

  • Some fish can only be caught in certain areas.
  • Half-eaten fish cannot be sold.
  • Fish can be found in barrels, cooked or uncooked at random.
  • You can sell the fish to the fishermen in the Seaposts.
  • There is a chance that Ashen Key will come out while fishing.
  • There are advantages to fishing in the storm.
  • The game can give you a small gift when you make a certain number of sales.
  • The screen starts flickering when it makes a wrong move while fishing.
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