Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Guide to Top OP Reincarnator Start

Top OP Reincarnator Start Guide


  • Write Cao Cao you get your hat on your guy and 7 perk instead of 5 beware he is a loner start.
  • You need to hire someone else right after to do the dirty work.
  • Or do it with the top list of webnovel listing: Start with Xiao Yan and Lin Dong take Cao Cao as Crafter and Nalan Yanran as medic and the 5 th you can take whatever you want. P.S. Sun Ce and Liu Bei is trash and isn’t recommanded at all.
  • Fun try Radiz Goku 8 pts.

  • Shenshen Ruye
  • Sun Yalong
  • Li Haoyu
  • Zhao Da
  • Yang Shu
  • Wang Laoju
  • Jing Xiang – female reincarnator
  • Qian Xiaoqian – female reincarnator

  • Qiu Si – female Tayi disciple
  • Zhangsun Shan – male Tayi disciple
  • Sui Wenyan – female Tayi disciple
  • Wenren Yu – male Tayi disciple

That’s the prebuild top dog.

Written by Platonov

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