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Guardian Chronicle - Game Settings

Nov 28, 2020    

Settings Guide


For the best gaming experience, manually adjust the game settings compatible with the device you're using.


User Code: This is the unique account ID of the user required when contacting the customer center or adding to the friend list.

Withdraw Account: Deletes the account as well as all the data from the linked account. Data remains for 7 days before the permanent deletion.

Logout: You can log out of the linked account and log in to another account.

Connect Social Platform: You can link your account with platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Apple. You may play as a Guest account but, it is highly advisable to link your account because the Guest account's data can be easily lost when updating or deleting the game. For your safety, we recommend you play the game after connecting your account with any of the platforms listed. The data of linked accounts can be imported or exported to other devices. The guest account cannot be transferred, so please proceed after linking the account.

  • 1) Click Export Account from the linked account and get OTP number and User Code issued.
  • 2) Log in to the account you want to link to and click Import Account and enter the issued OTP number and User Code."

Please note that the existing data will be replaced by the transferred account.


Set the resolution and graphic quality suitable for the device.


You can adjust the master volume, BGM level, sound effect, and notification volume.


You can check your in-game currencies and contact customer support.