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Ezy - Secret Achievements

Written by Twistor   /   Aug 13, 2017    
Ezy - Secret Achievements

Achievements of Ezy

Ezy currently has 30 achievements, out of which 28 are gained by playing through the story.

There's an achievement for reaching each level, so you will also gain an achievement when launching the first level.

There's another achievement for beating each level.

Finally, there's an achievement for dying and killing an enemy. You'll likely die a few times anyway on your run but remember that you can shoot? Now go and kill the enemy in the first level.

Finally, there are two secret achievements.

Secret Mission: Eye

The achievement has a description "Eye in the sea". That's a tip.

To earn it, in the very first level, you have to jump and dodge the bubbles that the eye keeps shooting and go past the creature. Notice that touching the creature is not deadly. Push that oozling to the sea!

Here's a video showing how this is done:

Secret mission: Carrot

In level 3 there's a carrot in the upper-left corner of the screen, apparently unreachable behind rock and stone. To get the achievement you have to get the carrot.

There's a secret passage inside. First use the super mushroom to get to the ledge next to the spikes. Then jump towards the wall from the right. You will find that you can walk through the wall to the carrot.

Written by Twistor.

Game:   Ezy