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Managing your empire across many businesses and neighborhoods can be difficult.

Empire Screen

The Empire screen exists to help you keep track of everything you need to know in each neighborhood. This screen breaks down information about each neighborhood – tab through the different neighborhoods by using the arrows beneath “Neighborhood” at the top of the screen. There are three tabs within the screen itself – the Breakdown, Rackets, and Customers tabs.


The Overview of a neighborhood will be displayed on the right of the screen no matter which tab you are currently viewing. The top of this menu displays the currently viewed Neighborhood’s Owner, Prosperity, and Preferred Alcohol.

Below this, you will see three pie charts. These depict the neighborhood’s total customers, earnings, and rackets, with your portion of each represented in green. Underneath this, you will see a quick breakdown of the various Synergies that are active in the neighborhood and their effects on your income (for a breakdown of Synergies, see the Neighborhoods section above).

Finally, at the bottom of the overview you will find a breakdown of the Security, Deflect, and Suspicion of your rackets in this neighborhood. These are rated with a percentage, and the three are combined to give you an overall status. Keeping an eye on this status is useful as it will let you know when your rackets in a given neighborhood are in danger, and why.


The Breakdown shows the information shown in the Overview in greater detail. Here you can see the Neighborhood Bonuses of a given Neighborhood and their effects, as well as the effect of your Prosperity and Notoriety, and the effects of your Bosses’ Empire Bonuses or the Bonus of a Lieutenant assigned to that neighborhood.

Next to this you will see a breakdown of Alcohol in the Neighborhood: its production, consumption, the rate of Prosperity change, how optimised your alcohol production is for the neighborhoods Prosperity, as well as the surplus or deficit of alcohol production. Below this is a breakdown of the Synergies in effect in the neighborhood.

On the right-hand side of the Breakdown tab, we can see the Faction presence in the neighborhood, showing which Factions you have encountered are active in the neighborhood. Any of your crew who are present in the neighborhood will be displayed here as well.

Below this, you will find a detailed breakdown of the Customers, Earnings, and Rackets in the neighborhood. For each, you will see a breakdown of the total amount in the neighborhood, your share of it, how Prosperity or relevant upgrades are affecting it, the average spend or income in the case of Customers and Earnings, and the amount that are derelict or available to buy in the case of Rackets.


On the Racket Screen, you will see a list of the Rackets in the Neighborhood, their Owner (so long as you have discovered the Faction), the type of Racket, its income or production, and what level of each type of relevant upgrade it has. Clicking on a Racket in this list will bring you directly to that Rackets management screen.


The Customers tab shows similar information to the Rackets tab: a breakdown of the rackets in the neighborhood, their owner, and their type. Next to this, however, is a breakdown of Customer information in each racket. Their average spend, the amount of Customers the racket contains and it’s maximum amount of Customers, the rackets Draw, and the level of the upgrades relevant to Customer share of the racket (Ambience, Word of Mouth).

Finance Info Screen

The Finances Screen is found by clicking the dollar sign icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The overview on the left-hand side is a breakdown of your weekly net income, showing what kinds of rackets and standing orders are contributing to it. It will also show changes in your rackets since the beginning of the game – the amount taken over, purchased, lost, and sold. It will also show treaty changes since the beginning of the game – how many you have started, and how many have ended. Three tabs on the right will break down more financial information – Rackets, Crew, and Treaties.


The rackets tab will show you all your money-making rackets, and a breakdown of their operations. You will see their name, neighborhood, the amount of customers currently in them and how many they can hold, and the customers average spend. You will also see the rackets income and upkeep, and whether or not they are open or closed. You can open or close them at will from this screen.


The crew tab shows you every gangster you have currently hired, their location, profession, role, take, tier, loyalty, and morale.


The treaties tab will show you all the treaties you are currently entered into (standing orders, protection treaties, etc). You can see who the treaty is made with, what you are receiving from it, what you pay for it, the alcohol type involved (if applicable) and the timeout on the treaty, if it has one.

Alcohol Info Screen

The Alcohol info screen will give you access to both quick and in-depth information about your alcohol production and consumption, and is accessed by clicking on the Alcohol icon in the top right of the screen.

On the right hand side of the Alcohol Info screen you will find the overview. This will tell you how much of each of the six grades of alcohol (Poison, Swill, Rack, Top Shelf, Premium, and Whiskey) you are producing, consuming, and have stored. The right hand side of the screen will display information from one of three tabs.


The first tab will show you Production. What rackets you have producing alcohol, and their location, racket type, production rate, alcohol type, upkeep, and whether or not they are open. You can close or open a racket from this screen, or change the type of alcohol they are producing (so long as the racket has the requisite upgrade to produce the kind of alcohol you want).


On the Consumption tab, you can see similar information for your alcohol consuming businesses. You can change the kind of alcohol they are serving through this screen and also set their priority for alcohol consumption.

If you are running low on a certain kind of alcohol, for instance, setting a speakeasy that makes more money to a higher priority will send whatever stock you have left of the kind of alcohol it serves to that racket first, rather than going to another racket that is also set to serve that kind of alcohol. The rackets that appear with a red “X” beside them means that the racket isn’t serving the customers preferred type of alcohol. This can be toggled by clicking on the “X”, or pressing Return when you hover your mouse over it.


On the Storage screen, you can see all of your alcohol storing rackets (breweries, safehouses).

You can see a breakdown of how much of each kind of alcohol they are storing, and their total storage capacity, and what level of storage upgrade each racket has received.


On the treaties screen, you will see the Standing Orders you’ve set up with other bosses. This is an order for a number of a set kind of alcohol for a set price every week. You can make a deal to either sell or buy with another boss. You can set up these deals yourself through the Diplomacy screen, but bosses you are friendly with will approach you with them as well. On this screen you can see the type of order and who it was made with.

The Black Market

Items can be looted from combat and dead drops hidden throughout the city, but if you want to equip your boss and gangsters with the best stuff without relying on whatever you can scrounge up, you need to head to the Black Market. The Black Market can be accessed from the Criminal Matters tab. From here, a variety of weapons can be bought and sold. Items are split into different tabs depending on their type (Machine Guns & Rifles, Pistols, Melee weapons etc.). The Black Market stocks up with new items periodically – they might not always have what you’re looking for, so be sure to check back in every once in a while. It tends to renew its stock every couple of weeks.

Sal’s Tips

Running an empire ain’t easy – there’s a lot of numbers to crunch, and we ain’t all as good with numbers as Stephanie St. Clair. Here’s some tips to help you manage all them complicated businesses:

  • Keepin’ Stock – Keep a close eye on your alcohol supply. A steady stream of alcohol boosts the income from all of your rackets, and in the case of speakeasies is essential for them to make any money at all. Don’t let the well run dry.
  • Snazz up the Place – Take advantage of upgrades to make your rackets more profitable and secure. Don’t just focus on expansion – your rivals won’t be.
  • Wrong Kind of Neighborhood – The prosperity of a neighborhood affects more than just the kind of booze your customers will prefer – if a place gets too run-down and shabby, all the paying customers are gonna move to better neighborhoods. It’s in your best interest to keep things from getting to run down.

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