Eternal Return: Black Survival – General Hart Community Guide

Please note: all credit goes to BigJokes!

A general Hart guide covering all her abilities, her evolve mechanics as well as her guitars and builds. Made by the one and only hart main BigJoke.


Hart’s Q is one of her main sources of damage. It’s a fast moving projectile in a straight line. It does more damage the longer you charge it. After 4 seconds of charge it reaches maximum damage and can be held for another 4 seconds before fizzling out.

Hart’s W is an Attack Power steroid for 5 seconds for up to 40% AP increase at max rank.

Hart’s E is a dash she can do up to three times. The dash does damage to the closest target. The third dash is longer than the other two. These dashes can go over walls.

Hart’s R, her ultimate, is a wide area CC ability that makes everyone in it dance for 5 seconds, Including Hart and her allies. During the dance Hart heals herself every second.

Hart’s passive restores her Sp whenever she Auto attacks an enemy.

Hart’s Guitar weapon skill, which you get at guitar mastery 7, is a projectile which charms for 2 seconds. It does good damage and coupled with her q makes for fantastic burst. It’s also just a great kiting and chasing tool.

Hart as an extra mechanic called evolve points. Whenever she crafts her first uncommon, rare and epic guitar, she gains en evolve point. These evolve points can be used to further enhance her abilities. You get 3 of these total, 1 for each guitar upgrade. You can put 2 evolve points max into a single ability.

Evolve Points

Hart’s Q evolve adds a 15%/35% slow to her Q on impact. it’s an extremely valuable tool for kiting and chasing.

Hart’s W evolve makes your next Q ignore 15%/30% defense. It’s generally not worth putting evolve points into this ability, more on that later.

Hart’s E evolve gives you Skill amplification% every time you dash for a few seconds, 15%/25% depending on rank. This effect stacks up to 3 times. This is insanely strong and the backbone behind her Skill Amplification oriented builds.

Hart’s R evolve reduces the Sp of the enemies dancing in the ultimate every second. Reducing by 70 SP per second for a total of 350 SP and 180 Sp per second for a total of 900 Sp at respectively 1st and 2nd rank. This is also one of the lesser used evolve point choices since any form of Sp regen on the enemies side renders this useless.

Hart’s Passive can also use Evolve points. Every evolve point adds an extra attack to her Auto attacks that scales of 0.15 Attack Power. This is the backbone behind her Auto attack oriented builds since her extra AAs can proc ENAD (Extra Normal Attack Damage) thus do significant damage.

Here Is Some General Gameplay Tips

Hart’s Q evolve is a 15% slow at first rank on a 4 second cooldown, using her Q without charging it to constantly slow an enemy off cooldown is extremely effective when running away or chasing.

Hart’s E is your main source of damage when playing Skill Amplification builds. Your rotations should look like this: Q to charge W>E>E>E>Q again when at max charge. Try and Weave autos in between the E’s early game. Your damage will come from the 2 points you put into evolving E giving you tons of Skill Amp. You won’t be able to use E before every Q because of the cooldown, so what I like to do is after doing the usual combo is poke with non full charge q’s just to slow and keep them off you until your E comes back up then you can combo again for damage.

Hart’s W is not worth putting points into because the effect is not worth the Sp cost at early stages. Hart has a lot of Sp issues in the early stages so using 100 SP on a slight damage increase isn’t worth it. As far as evolve points go you just have better options in the forms of Q and E when doing Skill Amp builds.

Hart’s Ultimate is a great tool for stalling out other important abilities such as Jackie ult or Nadine ult. it can also help reposition in a fight if you get put in a bad spot. You can use the ult to cancel enemies picking up their teammates in team modes and cancel Hyperloops, although I would only do it if you can win without it to heal you.

Using a non charged q to slow to guarantee a Charm can be great in teammodes to catch people off.


I’ll go over all the guitars their upsides and downsides and mostly why they suck.

Bohemian is your only good option when doing Crit. It’s solid early game with the Hp it gives. you’ll need to compensate with a Creed of The knight since Crit Hart badly needs Attack Power.

Build Paths: Avenue>Beach – Avenue>Pond

Stairway to Heaven has an amazing build path with very few contested resources and great stats on top of that. It’s my go to Skill Amp guitar because of how consistent it is.

Build Paths: Beach>Uptown>Chapel

Purple Haze is the other Skill Amp guitar. It has better offensive stats than Stairway but it’s build path is terrible. Requiring both gold and ash on a weapon in the current meta means you have to rush to get both and most likely will struggle to do so. You can start Alley if you really need Sp food which you will.

Build Paths: Forest>Chapel>School – Temple>School>Forest – Pond>Temple>School – Alley>Forest>Chapel

Satisfaction is one of the ENAD guitars. It’s stats are good and the build path is very fast, only needing three items for completion. Lifesteal does apply on ENAD meaning you could try and do a more lifesteal heavy build. Keep in mind that you won’t be doing damage without any other ENAD damage except early on. With the recent and concurrent nerfs to Teen Spirit, Satisfaction is now pretty much just better and has a not so contested build path.

Build Paths: Avenue>any zone with Paper – (Slower) Factory>Chapel>Uptown

Wonderful Tonight is amazing except you can’t craft it. Well more like the fact you can only get one starter guitar means you would have to sit on the blue guitar until you get Meteorite which is really bad. One strat you can do is start factory hop the wall to cemetery then build the blue guitar and then kill the wolves once they spawn in cemetery. If you get lucky you build Wonderful Tonight if not you can fall back on The Wall since it builds off the same blue guitar.

Build Paths: Any zone with battery into any zone with bamboo and a lot of luck.

This one. The Wall is Wonderful Tonight but weaker. On it’s own it doesn’t really have a place in the current meta with Satisfaction and Teen Spirit outperforming it on ENAD builds. It is very easy to build tho.

Build Paths: Factory>Cemetery (Or any zone with bamboo really)

Teen spirit is the most offensive guitar for ENAD builds. It’s only problem is the fact you kinda have to start temple otherwise you don’t get any of it’s components and temple is very crowded nowadays. This does limit it’s build paths.

Build Paths: Temple>Factory – Temple>Avenue


Let me go over the builds I currently run. You can always look for more builds in the Import shared plans section in game.

ENAD – Teen Spirit

Skill Order: Q or E max first depending on preference, E giving you more mobility but Q is more damage. Ignore W until you have to put a point in it and take R whenever you can. You can put points in your passive if you are struggling for SP.

Evolve Order: 2 points in passive first then 1 in Q. You can put a point in E instead of Q for more early game damage on Q from the Skill Amp but not worth it. Evolve R instead of Q can be good in team modes since depleting 3 people’s SP can turn a fight early on when people have low max SP and SP regen.

This is one of the most common and effective ENAD centered Hart Builds. The only issue I have with this build is how slow you are until your boots in uptown. You can go Radar over Cube Watch making the build less RNG reliant but Cube Watch is your BIS and does not clog up your inventory like Radar does.

Alternate routes can go to cemetery instead of forest to get your iron for your chest piece before entering chapel, meaning you will be able to make Crusader as soon as you get your cross and grail, which is a big powerspike and will help a ton with how populated chapel can be at that point into the game. You mainly go forest for Tree of life but it may not be there yet anyway if you go fast enough.

Skill Amplification – Stairway to Heaven

Skill Order: Q max into E. Ignore W and passive and take R whenever.

Evolve Order: 2 points into E then a point into Q. You can do one in Q first just to be safer early game and help with kiting but no need to be safe when you can just kill people with E evolve.

This is my favorite and most consistent build. I have over 100 games on this build alone and very rarely do you have bad games items wise. This build if played correctly finishes middle of night 1 except for Skadi. You have to kill people for better items later tho. You want to swap motohelm for Burgonnet or Imperial Crown. Try and steal a pair of Straitjackets off a dead body or make glacial shoes if you can get an extra TOL. You can make Crown yourself but the 2 extra gems can be annoying to get and slow the build down a lot, especially if other people start beach. You are Insanely strong after finishing blue guitar with 2 evolve points into E, abuse if you can but make sure not to overchase.

Food and drink wise you can make Mocha bread/ChocoPies and Cocktails/Hightails from all the drinks in Uptown. It is imperative that you get Sp food cause it’s your only source of Sp Regen until Skadi and eventual straitjackets/glacial Shoes.

I’d recommend building a Hanbok for Queen of Hearts later since that item is amazing lategame. Make sure you try and keep healing reduction somewhere if you do get it from like a white crane fan.

Crit Hart – Bohemian

Skill Order: W Max into E into Q. Take passive if you need SP regen and R whenever. W max is very important since Crit Hart desperately needs Attack Power and a 40% AP boost is no joke.

Evolve Order: Evolve passive twice and Q once. Even when not building enad those extra autos do a lot. I have not experimented with Crit Hart that much but 2 points into Q for more kiting power could be good at the expense of damage.

Crit Hart is surprisingly good. It only really suffers from bad access to attack speed and the need for AP from her armor. You can get Quiver over Pendant for more attack speed.

Luxury items wise Red shoes are amazing and a much needed source of lifesteal. Mithril Helm is just better Tac Ops. Opera Mask is also pretty nice if you have attack speed somewhere else from say quiver.

Here’s an alternate build you can do:

The extra range from Dobok is nice but you sacrifice Crit chance meaning a switch to Tiara is needed.

ENAD – Satisfaction

Skill Order: Q or E max. Same thing as Teen spirit

Evolve Order: Q first passive twice after. You get your wep a bit later than usual so I recommend putting a point into q first to avoid getting killed early.

Satisfaction can be really fast but does need a bit of help in the ENAD department. This build relies on Cube watch so make sure to kill the wolves in Archery. Try and make it to hotel TOL first night but if not you can always just go chapel for Crusader first then go for Forest TOL.

Avenue start means you can get a lot of Chocolate chip cookies so make sure to pick up milk and chocolate for those.

Here’s a variant with more damage but maybe a bit harder to go for:

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