Into the Radius VR – A Modest Guide for Beginners

In this guide, I’ll make life a lot easier for both newbies and oldies.

Newbies Guide

Let’s start from the very beginning, perhaps remember once and for all from the very beginning of the game, forget about selling artifacts in the store once and for all !!! The only exceptions are almost rotten artifacts that could not be turned in on the mission. In order to farm a bunch of artifacts, we need a couple, three good knives and an initial PM for shooting spiders! So, we go to bed exactly until 4 in the morning, we leave the house in the zone and immediately save and do not forget to save at all more often, we remember for the future every time we leave the base in the zone, all the enemies are revived again we reach the first base with mutants on the right on the side of the road and start our farm of artifacts, before the battle it is advisable to save and in general it is advisable not to receive damage from mutants.

This is important because the farm will drag on for an indefinite time, we kill all 3-4 mutants on this base, a spider from the forest comes running to him too, we collect from them all the artifacts are saved and instantly back home and again in the zone so that the enemies respawn, we do this operation until dark at night.

After returning home, we take the task for the desired artifact and go to the van to hand it over, as soon as we put the artifacts in the cell, close the door and without completing the mission, we return to the computer and we see that on it we can also hand over this mission before handing over it must be saved this is very important this advice will help you It may be in the future when, after a long good foray into the area with a bunch of expensive artifacts, you will need to turn them in on a mission almost at the same time so that they do not quickly rot!

So, we saved, passed the mission on the computer, and if there is no mission you need in the list for the desired artifact, then we load again and hand over the mission and so on until we play the mission you need, this maneuver is important if it is important for you that your the artifacts did not rot from the expiration of time, there is also a faster rerolling of missions for the necessary artifacts, namely, if there is no mission we need in the list.

We take any one then sleep for an hour or 2 then delete the mission and select another and so on until we find necessary, but keep in mind that artifacts rot over time, so if they are in a dying state, then it is better to use downloads, besides, downloads on the base are much faster than in the zone. So, with such manipulations we farmed just a bunch of dough at the very beginning of the game, we are great and not so badly enriched, right?

So what is more profitable to buy at the very beginning, you probably thought?

To begin with, first of all, we buy an OC-33 pistol for 27 rounds in a clip and a couple of clips for it is enough for a start, why is this pistol good? Yes, absolutely everyone, to start with the fact that he has a magazine for 27 rounds, as well as the ability to conduct automatic fire and triplet, besides, this pistol uses the cheapest cartridges in the 9×18 game for only $ 125, it also has the ability to hang as many as 3 the body kit will ultimately be a laser, a collimator and a silencer, why not under the barrel lamp you ask? Yes, because in the first place I highly recommend buying a headlamp that will solve just colossal all your problems with lighting in the game and help you easily survive at night, mark my words. Activation of the flashlight on the trigger near the eyes.

I will also immediately save you money for the whole game from the cost of canned food, because I consider them completely useless, unlike the bars, and now I will tell you why, for starters, there are only 5 pieces in canned food, which restore 1-1.5 units of hunger, unlike a bar which will restore you 2 units of hunger, but the main disadvantage in canned food is that it disappears !!! And you definitely need a knife in your inventory, which may not be in order to eat this canned food, so we buy bars for $ 300 and do not bathe.

Also, do not be stingy and buy 6-8 packs of 9×18 for a long outing, that’s enough!

According to the attachments for the pistol, be sure to buy a laser, the silencer can be removed from the initial PM, shooting with a laser becomes very comfortable and as accurate as possible, if a toad strangles the collimator for a pistol at the beginning of the game, then it’s okay, the laser will more than show all its advantages in combat, is activated by the trigger before being installed on the pistol.

Now let’s talk about cases and how to get the maximum benefit out of them.

The game has 2 types of cases – yellow and white. Of course, the loot in them is very different, in the yellow ones, as a rule, everything is almost sad, but you can find something beneficial for yourself, in most cases I sincerely recommend looting syringes and 9×18 cartridges from them. In the white cases, the loot is beyond praise, but finding these cases is not so easy, now about how to loot them correctly, first we find the case, we loosen up (we are) near it for more convenient, save, open the case, if the loot didn’t arrange it, then we boot up and perform the operation until we find what we need or until we do it.

Well, you understand, if the yellow cases are not particularly important for you, then just skip this venture with downloads, unless of course you want to save a lot on a ton of syringes-injectors from them because there are a lot of these yellow cases in the area like dirt. Another thing is white cases, I highly do not recommend skipping the procedure with loads, because from these cases you will pull out loot on average by store standards from $ 3000 to $ 8000.Of all that is valuable, in addition to body kits and cartridges.

I can highlight what can be pulled out there – PP-91, G17 , M9, Hunting Shotgun, SKS, Mosin, have you already thought what do you want for yourself? But all these weapons are scattered around the zone as in secret places, it happens just at some factory and sooner or later you will find it all anyway. So what is profitable to loot from such cases, you ask? The answer is as simple as possible, there is nothing more valuable in this case than an inconspicuous little red box mmmm delicious, can you already feel this juicy smell of gunpowder? My shelf at home, completely crammed with these boxes, is always glad to see me no less than I am returning home.

Separately, I want to talk about another extremely rare loot from these white cases, namely, about a 10-round store on the Saiga 12k, I will say right away in the store you can buy a clip for only 5 rounds and having combed the entire map I did not find a single clip for 10 rounds, so that this loot looks extremely appetizing, and although I would recommend killing 3 of these cases for this particular clip, 3 clips for 10 rounds are enough to have fun with the Saiga 12k. Well, that’s all with the cases, enjoy your downloads.

Tips and Tricks

Now I would like to share with you specifically 3 secret tips, why only 3 ask, but because I think they are the most valuable!

  1. In my opinion, this is the most valuable tool because I went through the whole game with this weapon. So, you probably still remember where the huge crane is? One of the first missions will lead us there, so you need to climb to the very top of the tap through sweat and tears, and then, having swallowed saliva and holding your breath, you need to climb to the edge and get inside where the Tiger Rifle (SVD) will be waiting for you and a few lotions for her.
  2. The station area on the map is marked as a train yard, one of the secrets is located in the largest building, you need to go around it from the back side where you can climb up the metal lattice from which you will need to grab the concrete ledge with at least one hand. do not forget about the save, then with careful hand movements we move to the secret area where the AK-74 will be waiting for us and the white case, believe me, grab your hands wherever possible.
  3. The 2nd secret is located at the same location and it is located in an inclined 3-storey tower which is located near the location of a huge pulsating anomaly, you can run into the building after guessing the sequence of the anomalies so that they do not kill you, it’s not difficult! We run straight to the first floor where our most valuable loot lies, in the middle of the room we approach the sofa, crouching down, move our hand in the middle of the sofa and press take until we have VAL for 11 thousand dollars in our hands! Oklemovshis from ecstasy, do not forget to run to the 2nd and 3rd floor where you will find  white and yellow case.

And finally, I will share with you a couple of juicy life hacks and tips that might surprise you.

  • To begin with, in this game it is impossible to die of hunger, so you just cannot run, but you will just usually move.
  • If you turn the same topic with energy, then when you reach zero energy, your character will rewind the time until it is completely restored (it’s like sleeping), this is unpleasant only if you have a bunch of valuable artifacts that will rot over time.
  • As for the weight, upon reaching 50 kilograms you will move like a semi-sleepy snail, there is essentially no weight limit and you will not be stuck like in a stalker for conventionally 60-70 kg and for any weight above 50 kg you will be like a snail, the life hack is that if your hunger drops to absolute zero, then with absolutely any weight you will move with your usual normal step, so you can drag at least 300 kg on yourself while moving normally. PS: small red boxes weigh 5kg each you understand.
  • There is another very useful life hack that has repeatedly saved my life and will save you more than once, believe me, so, what’s the point, there is an Unstuck button in the menu, when you press which in this game it will simply take you out of any difficult situation, even if you get stuck in a rock, even in the boxes, but at least where, when you press this button, it will pull you out to a safe zone, and what will happen if you press this button while in the air? You will simply be moved down, so you can even jump off the crane and when you press this the buttons will safely move you down without harm to your health, the trick can be done at any height, the main thing is to have time to press the menu button in the air.
  • Well, surprised? Do you want more? Well, you see a huge building on which you I want to climb, but it’s impossible. You approach the building, stick your head sharply into the building and sharply press the Unstuck menu, repeat until you are moved to I dig.
  • PSO-1 on the SVD and camping on the way from above, I want to admit from myself that with this method of sniper in the game it becomes just a sheer buzz, you can even lie on the roof for convenient stabilization. Tired of running at home from the van to the room and back? And our beloved Unstuck will help us with this, in the van, when we passed the mission, we stick our head in the right corner of the van and Unstuck, now we are behind the van and we don’t need to run around through the door, so I saved you a little time when moving around, which in the end will be very much.
Written by Mat

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