Yakuza: Like a Dragon – New Game+ Changes Guide (What Do You Lose and Keep)

This guide will describe what New Game+ does to your game.

Guide to New Game+ Changes

General Effects

  • You start from the beginning.
  • Hard/Legend difficulty mode unlocked.
  • Job XP on hard mode from fighting enemies is increased dramatically, it is +8000 XP per enemy character defeated (note, not %: if an enemy would’ve given you 50 XP, it now gives 8050 job XP). This increases to +16000 XP per enemy on legend difficulty. Regular XP is unaffected.

Enemies on hard mode will start off at level 1 like with the regular game, but hit much harder and have more health.

Things You Lose and Keep

  • Kept: level and XP on all characters as well as Kasuga’s personality-levels + XP.
  • Kept: job XP earned, but Lost: access to the jobs in question on companions. Note: the jobs will show that you’re inexperienced in all of them, but once you select them once, they revert back to their actual levels. Also keep in mind that your job at the beginning is different to the one Kasuga has after he goes to prison, so don’t panic if things seem off! Various cross-job skills and bonuses will also not be accessible/active until accessed once at Hello Work.
  • Kept: Your inventory and money.
  • Lost: Bond levels with all companions and all levels of relationships with other NPCs. Party chatter re-occurs.
  • Lost: Exploration skills (foreman’s breaking of walls and searching after items under vending machines – easily regained in the story and once you have access to new jobs at Hello Work).
  • Kept: Romance Workshop upgrade level.
  • Kept: Ichiban Confectionery/Holdings money currently in the bank, but Lost: all assets, employees and XP. Stock up a couple of billions to make your NG+ management to go smoothly. Note: if you have the management mode set, the characters from that will show up eventually.
  • Lost: all substory progress, but certain things remain such as access to special employees in management mode.
  • Kept: suijimon data.
  • Kept: part-time hero completions of all kinds.
  • Kept: what you’ve explored, including fast travel points.
  • Lost: gear configuration.
  • Kept: various forms of currency/point for various mini-games/stores, probably all, see list below.
  • Kept: dragon karts, kart upgrades, and your best times, but lost: access to cups and maps.

Confirmed currencies that you keep (something not being on the list doesn’t mean you don’t keep it, just that I’ve not confirmed/bothered to confirm yet).

  • Tojo clan crests
  • Eco points (after doing can gathering for the first time, your eco points will look like they get drained to zero, but this is just an illusion).
  • Shogi points
  • Dragon Kart-earned currency
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  1. So it seems that playing on legendary difficulty makes your life easier!
    You can skip through every cutscene if you know the story, fast-forward to chapter 12 and level up really fast on sotenbori battle arena.
    If keeping your previous xp, money, and skills is real, then that’s the way of grind (if someone for any reason want to beat true MT)

    As mentioned before, it’s reccomended to stock up on money at Ichiban Confections, and also in your own pocket

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