Slime Rancher – How to Get Crystal Plorts (before Discovering Crystal Slimes)

Too stuck at your ranch caring for slimes or lack of interest trying to look for crystal slimes aimlessly? This guide will show you of to take advantage of ranger exchange quest to skip discovering crystal slimes.

Guide to Get Crystal Plorts

Range Exchange Quest

I shouldn’t really need to cover the basics of this feature as all i can sum it up to is little side quest for a mild reward. However what we’re looking for here is quests that award you crystal plorts. Complete that quest and hold onto the plorts for now.

In the Ranch

Now what to do next is you take your slime which you have the most of alongside of it’s favorite food (for me phosphor slimes and cuberries) and take those plorts and feed them to that slime for a largo of crystal slimes + the slime of your choice. Since the range exchange usually awards you little plorts and is time consuming, take all the crystal plorts you have, because one is good enough. Take that slime’s choice’s favorite food and feed it to get twice the amount of crystal slime and get another one of that slime you chose and get them to be crystal largo.


Enjoy fabricating gadgets and getting extra profit sooner than you’re supposed to.

Written by Penpenguin4

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