Crypt of the NecroDancer – Guide of Janitor NPC (The Item Remover)

A detailed guide for just the Janitor NPC (non-player character).

Guide to Janitor

All credit goes to Goti Sanchez!

Janitor: “Remove items from the item (non-all zones) pool?”

  • The items bought in Hephaestus and Merlin (the two corners stores above) appear here to be removed from runs in Zone 1 to 5.
  • Does not affect the other modes.
  • Does not affect the shops, only chests.
  • This will stay on all next runs, not just the next one.
  • Everything items cost 1 Diamond.
  • “Next” tile is for scroll through the items to remove. It does not matter which 3 objects are visible.
  • “Reset” tile is for reset items you have cleaned. He will not return your spent diamonds.

  • Basic items are permanent, always appear, they cannot be removed.
  • Items in the room are included to the list of available items (pool).

Basic/permanent items

  • Red Chest: Apple, Torch (+1), Charm’s (pendants), Bomb (1 or 3), Grenade (DLC), Monocle, and miscellaneous items: Map, Compass, Coupon, Potion, Monkey’s Paw (DLC)
  • Black Chest: Dagger’s, Broadsword’s (includes all variants of each weapon), All Footwear’s
  • Purple Chest: Fireball, Freeze Scroll, Pulse (DLC), Earth (DLC)

Each item have an assigned chest, here is the list:

  • Red Chest: Food, Torch, Shovel, Backpack and Holster, Helmet, Drum
  • Black Chest: Weapon, Armor, Footwear
  • Purple Chest: Spell, Scroll, Ring

  • Crate and Barrel: Item from Red or Black Chest, gold, heart, or enemy
  • Teh Urn (purple pot): Have one Spell and one Food

Example build concept, remove all except:

  • Red Chest: Carrot, Ham, Luminous Torch (+3), Crystal Shovel, Pack of Holding
  • Black Chest: Warhammer, Quartz Armor
  • Purple Chest: Scroll of Enchant, Fireball Tome (DLC), Ring of Luck


Farm Diamonds

Play a Zone (1 to 5), go to Extra Modes, Dance Pad Mode (easier)… and repeat Dance Pad Mode as many times as you want.
You can too directly to Dance Pad Mode.

Cheating Diamonds

Go to file directory:

  • …SteamsteamappscommonCrypt of the NecroDancerdata

Open with text editor:

  • save_dataX.xml (X = number)

Search in the document:

  • numDiamonds=
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