Sky Knights – Beginner’s Guide for F-15 and SU-27

A beignners guide to Air Superiority Fighters.


The F-15s/SU-27s can be a bit hard to play because they only have one role, Air Superiority.
With this guide I am going to put forward my personal F-15/SU-27 strategy that has worked well for me and my team.

Aircraft Tips

Just some quick tips about flying an F-15/SU-27

  • Do not enter a prolonged turning engagment with any aircraft, you will probably lose.
  • Fly in for quick surgical strikes using your afterburner, fly in fire some missiles and burn out.
  • SARH missiles are your friend, use them at range.

Basic Strategy

The number one thing to remember in the F-15/SU-27 is that speed is your friend, abuse your afterburner. You need to force aircraft to engage you on your terms, long-range missile engagements.

One of the things that works very well for me is to hang on the outside of the map, crossing in on afterburner and firing SARH missiles.

Like so:

Sky Knights - Beginner's Guide for F-15 and SU-27

This works well but don’t be afraid to pop in behind any aircraft, if they try and engage you in a turning fight burn out and loop back around for a long range missile engagment.

Target Priorities

This depends heavily on what the current situation is in your game but this should be a good rule of thumb.

Air Superiority Fighters:

Go crazy on these at the beginning of the game so you can gain quick control of the airspace.

Multi-Role Fighters:

After enemy Air Superiority Fighters, target these guys and gain control of all air space then continue on to bombers.


Bombers should be taken down only if it is safe to engage.
(Long term you should hammer these guys hard though, put their respawn timers through the roof).

Upgrade Path

My personal upgrade path is as follows:

  • External Fuel Tank – This allows you to stay in afterburner longer which allows you to perform more “scoot and shoot” attacks per refuel run.
  • Heavy Missile Warheads – This makes SARH missile extremely deadly.
  • Dogfighting Loadout – Extra heatseekers allow you to stay in the air with munitions for much longer.
  • Tuned Engine – Extra speed without using afterburner.

Anything else is optional but I would suggest as extras:

  • G-Limit Override – This helps you step in and assist with selective turning fights.
  • Stealth Modification – Makes it easier to stay on the sidelines undetected.
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