Cyberpunk 2077 – Vending Machine Exploit Guide

How to Profit


  1. Purchase the “Mechanic” perk.
  2. Buy stuff from vending machine.
  3. Be ware, only buy from those selling price is 10$.
  4. Disassemble what you bought, you’ll get 6 common components and 3 uncommon components.
  5. Each common can sell for 5$, 8$ for uncommon one.
  6. Sell the components you get.(or you can keep it for crafting)
  7. Profit.

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  1. A more lucrative option is to get Scrapper and True Craftsman in the crafting tree, and create the “nekomata” tech sniper rifle from the crafting tree, and selling them at drop points. The best place to do this is outside of Arasaka tower, where the machines will restock by the time you do a loop around it. Went from around ~30k to 100k in an hour.

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