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Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game - How to Defeat All Enemies

Written by TheGoodBoi   /   Dec 14, 2020    

How to destroy all of the enemies before you.

How to "Eliminate" the Enemies

Steps to Success

So you wanna "destroy all of those before you" because you think it's cool? Well if you found it hard then look no further.

The Stats

  • You'll find that information in the the lines tab at the top of the screen.
  • Here you'll find your leaves per tick, and how many leaves spawn per tick.
  • You want a lot of this.


  • This is the stuff you want.
  • Now, if you're just going at the enemy in a straight line, stop.
  • Because of the leaves finicky nature, they'll never really go straight.
  • You want to strafe around your enemy.
  • By that I mean you want to go in a circle around them whenever leaves spawn.

Harder Enemies

  • Well the above will work on any enemy, but want about the leaves needed?
  • well you'll need more leaves to kill them each world. Maybe +100 per tick in each world after world 1.

Leaf Damage

  • OK, a regular leaf is not gonna deal the same damage as a void leaf.
  • But that won't matter because you'll have an army of leaves by then.
  • I guess if you want to optimally kill them all then strafe the void leaves. Keep them in a circle and they'll accumulate fast. When an enemy spawns, you'll know what to do.

Written by TheGoodBoi.