Evil Genome – About Enhance System

A short guide to explain mechanic how enhance system work in Evil Genome.

General Info

Evil Genome has quite unique enhance system where you unlock extra attribute depended on type of used materials. It is simple, but give you various options to create you own build.

Evil Genome - About Enhance System

  • You can enhance at any save station.
  • Maximum enhancement at level 7.
  • Higher grade items require higher cost for each enhancement.
  • Higher grade items unlock better attribute stats. Best is to invest on orange gears.
  • There is no penalty to dismantle and re-enhance items beside gold usage.
  • You can reload save game if you’re not satisfied with random outcome.
  • Dismantle unused enhanced gear to return all used materials. Save time and effort.

Enhance Stats and Attributes

Common Stats

Weapon Stat Enhancement:

  • + ATK
  • + CRI (Chance)

Body Stat Enhancement:

  • + DEF
  • + Max HP

Boots Stat Enhancement:

  • + DEF


  • Every +1, +4, and +7 gain extra attributes based on materials.
  • Some materials give different attribute for armor / weapon part. 

Enhanced Level – Amount of Materials:

  • +1 Enhancement – 2 
  • +2 Enhancement – 4
  • +3 Enhancement – 6
  • +4 Enhancement – 8
  • +5 Enhancement – 10 
  • +6 Enhancement – 12 
  • +7 Enhancement – 14

Planning on Enhancement

The key is to plan and prioritize which attribute you need by observing your current materials and enhance them by order. It helps to maximize your benefit and chance of getting desired attributes.

  • Low quantity of materials should be enhanced first for exact attribute.
  • High quantity of materials should be enhanced at last.
  • The game didn’t keep track you which attribute is inputted during +2 to +3 and +5 to +6 as it reveal possible attribute when you reach +4 and +7. You might have to memorize used materials. 

For Example

I mainly plan for Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and ATK attributes on my orange weapon.

Evil Genome - About Enhance System

I found materials that give best attribute for each category:

  • x2 High-purity Dark Crystal (CRI +16.00%)
  • x13 Dark Crystal Residua (CRI DMG +106.70%)
  • x15 Bloody Fang (ATK +50)

So, I enhance materials by following orders:
+1 = High-purity Dark Crystal x2

Evil Genome - About Enhance System

+2 = any other materials x4
+3 = any other materials x6
+4 = Dark Crystal Residua x8

Evil Genome - About Enhance System

+5 = any other materials x10
+6 = any other materials x12
+7 = Bloody Fang x14

Evil Genome - About Enhance System


You can save amount of main materials by input main materials in +1, +2, and +4. The rest are other materials, then prey to RNG for attributes from main materials.

Save the game before +4 and +7 in case you got unwanted attribute.

Recommended Component

Some extended components from world exploration and side quest can be useful for scavenging materials and gold.

  • Mammonish Scanner – More gold and chance to obtain materials in double. Best for farming. 
  • Grey Rifling’s Decryption Key – Great component to locate hidden chest and materials around the world. 
  • Pendent of Charm – Equip before selling loots in shop. Save more money for enhancement. 

Evil Genome - About Enhance System

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