TheDawn – Final Boss Strategy Guide

The final boss has several different attack and some interesting patterns to learn and this guide will tell you how to deal with them.

How to Beat Final Boss


The boss has several attack patterns, not all counterable, but all avoidable.

Hand Grab

The boss telegraph this attack by putting it’s hand way back, grabbing the character, and slamming her into the floor. Instant kill, but the player can counter it and deal damage back.

  • If he misses, he’ll continue the attack anyway, and the slam will count as an attack as well, so stay away from it.
  • If he grabs you, you have to rewind time or else it’s game over.
  • The best way to deal with this attack is to run in the same direction the hand is moving so by the end of it, you’re not too far away to use time freeze and blast it with your shotgun. You can probably slow down the slam if you miss the window for the grab, but it might not be worth losing your cooldown over it.

Power Slam

The boss will charge a slam attack dealing 50% of your health as damage.

  • You can just run away from this attack and dodge in the last second.
  • Dodging away early will make it so the boss can’t catch up if you keep running.
  • You can glitch this attack by running so far away, teh hand will get stuck in the air, and the effect of the attack will play, but he stops tracking the player altogether.
  • Counter this attack by using time freeze on the spot where the hand lands, it’s very narrow and might not be worth it, but gives you as much time as the grab does.The hand never goes very far from the body, so it’s not hard to look the floor and predict where the hand will land, but at the same time, you won’t have a good grasp of where it is, so watch out.

Eye Laser

He will charge by posing like a DBZ character and fire a laser from his eyes.

  • Just run and dash away in a single direction and try to keep at least 3 dashes on your stock for when he stops firing.
  • Once he’s done, dash towards his back side and fire your rifle onto the red spot on his back.
  • You can dash through his hands since they have no collision in this moment.

Missile Barrage

He will slump over and fire a barrage of missles from his back.

  • The attack is completely random, so all you can do is look down and try to stay away from the shadow spots on the floor.
  • The boss might start the next attack before the all the missiles have landed, so make sure to find a safe spot early on.

Nier Balls

What’s with white haired characters having to deal with these balls chasing them… Anyway, the boss will put his hand forward and shoot dozens of slow moving energy balls, twice, but the second attack is harder to see since the first obstructs your view.

  • Stay near the edge of the stage so the balls are more spaced out when they get there.
  • If you move towards the back of the boss, the second attack won’t overlap the first and it will be easier to walk through them.
  • The boss might start the next attack before all the balls have left the field, so be sure to find a safe spot early on.
  • All in all, all you have to do is walk between them and maybe use your dash if you find yourself cornered.

Surprise Homing Laser Attack

This is a quick attack telegraphed by the boss lifting his left hand and charging for a second. Your partner will tell you to rewind time.

  • Rewinding might not work if your weren’t running before the attack started so be mindful of that.
  • After getting out of that murder zone, you will still have to dash away a few times to escape.
  • If you find yourself cornered, you can use your time stop to freeze them which should give you enough time to not only escape, but time them out entirely.

Big Ball

The boss will charge two giant energy balls in his hand and throw it at the player.

  • Once the balls hit the floor, they’ll grow and stay there for about 20 seconds.
  • The zone is instant kill, and since he shots at your current location, you should avoid rewinding time when they are on the field.
  • He might use the attack more than once in a row causing four of them to be on the field at once.


Last but not least, the pillars. This is an instant kill attack that can’t be dodged and only happens once, so it’s hard to train for it as well.

Once the boss is below 25% health, he will spawn four pillars from the floor and in 10 to 15 seconds, the arena will explode resulting in a game over.

  • The strategy for this part requires you to destroy the four pillars in a very short amount of time.
  • The pillars spawn from the four diagonal directions of the arena on these parts of the floor that stem from the center hole, so once the boss is low on health, go to the closest of those areas and use your shotgun on the one you as it spawns which should destroy it in one shot
  • You can shoot the pillars through under the boss and it takes about 3 for each, so you should be able to finish all of them without reloading.

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