Trove – Tank Class Comparison

Participating Classes

The participating classes for this contest are:

  • Candy Barbarian
  • Tomb Raiser
  • Revenant
  • Knight

This guide will give a small overview about the classes judging by the following:

  • Taunt (Aggro)
  • Survivability
  • Crowd Control
  • Agility

Note that none of the classes mentioned here are using any kind of specific values of stats, allies or gear.

Candy Barbarian

The Candy Barbarian’s abilities are highly crowd oriented since the more targets you hit, the more health you will get in return. This already makes the class inefficient for single target tanking.

Taunt (Aggro): 1/10

None of his abilities can really keep the enemy turned on him only with luck they might target you.

Single Target Tanking: 3/10

His Whirl attack returns some health but only comes to shine when there’s multiple mobs around you making it hard to stay alive when only one target is to be taken care of.

His ultimate can heal him a lot but can not be used very often outside of a pure Cooldown-Build
While using his class gem ability he cannot defend himself, he can only “take it” so without a death defying vial the enemies will cut through him within seconds no matter how much health he has.

Crowd: 9/10

This class is almost invincible in large crowds while using the whirl attack…though when you’re out of energy, a single fatal blow could push you off the battlefield very quickly.

Crowd Control: 6/10 (only with class gem)

The only thing that gives this class any kind of mob control is the class gem, it doesn’t do damage, it doesn’t taunt the enemy and you can’t fight while using it. It has no cooldown making it infinitely usable and yet you can’t keep it up forever, making it not ideal whatsoever. The range of the classgem abilitiy is rather low meaning you won’t be able to keep many enemies around you with it.

Agility: 6/10

This class is good at dodging since the abilities take a short time to perform leaving enough time for short dodges inbetween, BUT while using the class gem you can only move very slowly and are unable to perform a dodge, to do so you have to end the attack which makes you leap in the air taking time in which a single attack could take you out quickly.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Tomb Raiser

The Tomb Raiser is a summon class which’s abilities are for the most part not useful for tanking at all…except one.

Taunt (Aggro): 2/10

This class has no taunt whatsoever, the minions sometimes manage to make the enemies face them but it is possible that said minion is on the opposite side of the room making the mob aggrovation spread across the entire room without any really focused spot for the group to attack. When the minions go too far away from the player they can no longer be affected by the healing effect of the Boon ability decreasing their survivability a lot. If there are no minions at all the class has a hard time taking/keeping the aggro.

Survivablitiy: 9.85/10 😛

This class has a fantastic survivablity, for single targets aswell as crowds, the Banshee’s Boon ability makes your character take 90% less damage whilst increasing the passive-lifesteal by a huge amount. And if your energy regeneration is appropriately high, you can use this skill incredibly often.

Crowd Control: 1/10

This class’ only way of attracting enemies is by hoping for its minions to taunt them, and as mentioned earlier, if the minions are spread out too far the crowd control gets destroyed entirely.

Agility: 9/10

This classes agility is fantastic, none of the abilities take long to perform at all and even during Banshee’s Boon you’re able to dodge making it a great class for fights against the final shadow tower boss.

Overall Rating: ~5.5/10


The Revenant is a fully tank-oriented class (I’m aware that DPS Revenants are a thing) because all of his abilities give you a huge advantage for fighting large crowds and even small crowds of mobs whilst keeping yourself alive just fine.

Taunt (Aggro): 10/10

The Revenants shield bash ability taunts the enemy for 3 seconds whilst having a ~0.75 second cooldown making you able to taunt enemies indefinitely whilst still leaving enough time to perform dodges, basic attacks, ultimates, spirit spears or healing in between.

Single Target Tanking: 7/10

Whilst tanking single targets the 3 seconds taunt of your shield bash will leave enough time to heal yourself with the passive-lifesteal or by using a vial.

Crowd: 9/10

Just like the Candy Barbarian this class has insane survivability in crowds since the passive-lifesteal will return more health the more enemies you hit at once.

Crowd Control: 8/10

The Revenants shield bash can hit a lot of enemies at once making them all target you, the ultimate ability can then soak them toward you faster and keep them there, the shield bash and the ultimate together will make double-sure no mob escapes. Of course there is a cap to everything which does not allow you to aggro infinite enemies at once or hold in infinite enemies with your ultimate but the limit as to how many enemies you can soak in is a lot larger than the Candy Barbarians class gem ability. Though the cooldown of this ability is quite long and during fights like Pinata God or Hydrakken this might still give some enemies a chance to escape which cannot be taunted by your shield.

Agility: 8/10

The only reason why the Revenants agility-rating isn’t higher than 8 is because of the movement speed you have during your ultimate ability, you can still dodge but even a dodge has a short cooldown. If you blow your dodge, you might get killed by strong attacks

Overall Rating: 8.4/10


Knight. The good ol’ days, warpseeds, lag-free servers and these gigantic player heads…I’m drifting off~
Let’s take a look at this wannabe-hero.

Taunt (Aggro): 7/10

The Knights’ groundstomp taunts enemies in a small cone-area infront of him this ability can be used quite frequently making it great to keep the enemies attention.

Survivability: 7/10

The Knight doesn’t really have that many attacks, or abilities rather, to keep him alive, the only thing that helps him is the ultimate ability. Reducing incoming damage by 75% whilst fully healing yourself (basically infinite flasks on a cooldown) this makes him stay alive around the same time in crowds as in single-target fights.

Crowd Control: 4/10

The taunt of the Knight isn’t quite that great considering how small the area of effect is for it, but when he takes (and keeps) the aggro and uses his ultimate all the enemies will stay in one spot making it easy for group-DPS to come in.

Agility: 10/10

This is where this class really shines, the attacks all have short performance times leaving more than enough time to dodge or heal and even during the ultimate is active you can dodge around the room, his dash-ability is great for escaping a crowd while on low health (aslong as no enemy stands in the way – better try dashing mid-air).

Overall Rating: 7/10

Final Overview

  • Candy Barbarian: 5/10 (+ classgem)
  • Tomb Raiser: ~5.5/10
  • Revenant: 8.4/10 (+ classgem)
  • Knight: 7/10

As you can see there are a few things to take into account to be able to tank.
None of the classes reached a 10/10 which was to be expected.
Having a single perfect-tank class would make it boring, I prefer the tanks-variety we have now.

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