Kingdom: New Lands – Gameplay Tips

5 Steps to Succeeding in Kingdom New lands, That protain to, Building Money, Defending your Kingdom, Destroying Portals, Blood moons, & Finally, Hunting for more Money.

Perfect Defence Combo

The Combination

This Combination of defenses is very easy to figure out and should be used to its fullest potential. All you need to defend your Kingdom from any night is a tier 4 wall, one tier 4 watch tower behind the wall, and finally, a catapult. The only thing to cause this wall to fall is a small amount of Archers.

Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips


  • Archers belonging to a Knight will not do a good job defending your walls, because Knights will retreat to a stronger wall if your wall is even slightly damaged, taking the archers with them. So stock up on independent Archers that do not belong to a Knight. 
  • If you have the hermits unlocked then use them to upgrade your tier 4 watch tower into a tier 5 watch tower ballista. 
  • If you’re having a hard time defending your wall then try using the Archer Shrine and/or the Builder Shrine.

Working with your Merchant and Banker

The Merchant and the Banker

As soon as you start a new Kingdom you may notice a familiar face. The Merchant from the original Kingdom, but this time he does something different rather than bringing you tools. You pay him 1 coin and he goes to his hut and brings you back 7 to 10 coins the next morning. Next, after upgrading to a Keep, an old time-y looking man with a big hat and a book will appear. This is the Banker. The banker may not look like much but is your most powerful NPC. He will place any gold that you give to him into your Keep/Castle and give it back to you the next day with a little extra coin. Along with being played by the Merchant, this makes a great source of unlimited money.

Note: Always remember to pay the Merchant 1 coin every morning.

Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips
Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips

Clear Cut + Spam Archers = Coins

What to Do

In Kingdom, fields have two purposes. One: they create tall grass that allows bunnies to spawn. This is important because your Archers will hunt bunnies threw out the day if you create a field large enough for spawn points for bunnies. Your Archers will provide you lots of coins. Two: fields provide an area for your Horse to eat grass and regain its stamina. Well placed fields can be used as rest stops as you explore your Island. Large fields are powerful and can push the time needed to get to the next island down. To create a field, spend one gold coin to have a Builder come and cut down the tree, this clears space for the field and you’ll get that one gold back, plus there’s a chance you will get an extra coin.

Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips
Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips
Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips

Days Between Blood Moons

The Information

In Kingdom, a blood moon will happen every fifth night. These nights are a bit different than normal nights, during a blood moon you’ll have to do with increased monster activity. So be sure to bulk up on defenses and recruit extra archers, before a blood moon starts. If you destroy a portal that will also trigger a blood moon, though these blood moons act differently than natural spawning blood moons. Regardless of your time of day, a blood moon will spawn right after a portal is destroyed. These blood moons may not spawn any monsters on their own but you will have a wave of larger than any normal blood moon sent to your Kingdom. Be careful when destroying portals.

After a natural blood moon you will have one night afterwards monster free, so use this time well.

Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips

Paying your Knights

How this Works

This may not be obvious but you can pay your Knights when you pay your Knights, it’s like giving them an extra health point. After receiving too many blows your Knight will drop a coin. If he loses all his coins and receives too many more hits, he becomes a normal Villager. The more coins your Knight has the longer he will last during the defense of your Archers when attacking Portals. Each Knight can have three coins a piece, and they start with one. Meaning Knights can have a total of four coins or four health points. When you attack your portals you want your Knights to be fully buffed up, so that they can defend from a large amount of monsters that spawn from the Portal.

Kingdom: New Lands - Gameplay Tips
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