Total War: Warhammer II – Greenskins Waaagh! Trophies

A list of the bonuses you earn for getting Waagh trophies against each race.

The Type and The Amount

  • The type of bonus and you earn depends on the race you target as the Waaagh!
  • But the amount of bonuses depends on the faction’s strength level at the level you declare Waaagh’s crie!
  • So if after 20 turns you manage to occupy or devastate the faction’s capital you will receive the bonus.

Strength Level

  • Strength level: 1 to 10 Very big reward.
  • Strength level: 11 to 30 Big reward.
  • Strength level: 31 to low Lowest reward.

Bonus for Each Race

Bonus each trophie gives to you:

  • Dwarfs: construction cost and weapon strength.
  • Elves (High Elves, Dark Elves and Wood Elves): research time, ammunition and missiles strength.
  • Humans (Empire and Bretonia): charge bonus and public order.
  • Lizzadmen: physical resistance, new units level and new lords and heroes level.
  • Orcs: leadership and recruitment cost.
  • Norscan: armor and untainted.
  • Skaven: growth and replenishment.
  • Undead (Vampires and Tomb Kings): magic reserves, movement speed and post battle loot.
Written by LelciusStark

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