Flat Earth Simulator – How to Obtain All Achievements

Just a real simple, explained guide to get all the achievements.

100% Achievements Guide

Into the Plane

Just watch the entire intro without skipping.

It can never be unseen

Just listen to the entire story for these:

  • That’s no Moon
  • Let there be Light
  • Houston we have a fake!
  • The Outer Rim
  • It’s in the flag
  • Not a sphere
  • Infite Earth

Once you listened to all of those, you’ll receive the It can never be unseen achievement.

Photographic Evidence

Hit the menu button (3 lines on top of each other, top right corner) and go into Screenshot Mode. Hit F12 and boom! Achievement.

The meaning of it all

Just sit idle in the game until you get all 4 clues, then you’ll receive this one.

Congratulations on your 100%!

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