Pandemos – Useful Basic Tips

Basic Tips for Beginners

Here you can see some basic tips about Pandemos (may contain some spoilers). Come on:

  • Origin Protector is faster and generates more cells when touching viruses than new protectors, don’t be fooled by it.
  • The Arm protector, despite using shots, he is very slow, be careful.
  • The Evo protector, although very fast, is the worst at generating new cells by killing viruses.
  • Depending on the stage you are in, some protectors are better than others in each one.
  • Avoid crowding the cells, the ripple effect is much greater.
  • Be especially careful with Agent Speed. It will always bring unpleasant surprises.
  • Agent Sower releases new agents over time, avoid this until he dies over time.
  • Agent Sniper has a small chance of creating another copy when hitting a cell, be careful.
  • The Arm Protector is great for getting rid of Cold Agents, however, their shots have no effect on Agent Bacterium, Attractor and MegaBacterium.
  • Agent Grenade causes a ripple effect, destroy it when it’s still far away.

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