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Zombie Claus - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by marklar   /   Dec 27, 2020    

Complete Achievements Guide


  • Game saves after you collect a gift.
  • You can refill your health by finding carrots and eating them from your inventory.
  • Santa can't go through doors so blocking him by opening and closing doors is a good idea.
  • Game ends after you place all gifts under the tree, so make sure to get the balls achievement before that.
  • Estimated 100% Time: 30 minutes.


Downstairs, take the turkey from the dining table by pressing Q, and bring it to the microwave in the kitchen.


Make a festive dinner.

  • Upstairs, interact with the notebook and solve the memory mini-game to watch the video.


Watch the video on a notebook.

  • Simply solve the sliding puzzle on the upstairs.

Bear in mind that due to the random nature of the puzzle it might be unsolvable. Back out from the puzzle and try again if its unsolvable.


Solve the puzzle

  • Grab the socks scattered around the house and wash them in the washing machine.
  • See the socks section below for all locations.


Wash socks

  • Find all 5 Christmas bubbles for this achievement.
  • See the balls section below for all locations.


Find all the balls

  • Collect all 9 gifts and place them under the tree downstairs.
  • See the gift section below for all locations.

Skillful fake

Collect all the gifts


Note: you don't have to find all unique balls for the achievement to unlock.

Every time you die the balls respawn so you can keep picking the same one 5 times to get the achievement. But make sure to pick up gifts in between to save your progress.

  • Downstairs In the garage, hidden on the shelf.

  • Downstairs in the kitchen area.

  • Upstairs inside the room with washing machines, open the closet to find it.

  • Upstairs, in the room with the laptop and safe.
  • Look up to find it.

  • Upstairs, in the big room with the phone hidden in the wreath.


  • Downstairs, in the living room.
  • Open the cupboard below the TV.

  • Downstairs, in the kitchen. Inside the closet.

  • Downstairs, inside the garage.

  • Downstairs, take the turkey from the dining table and bring it to the microwave.
  • The gift will spawn nearby.

  • Upstairs, in the kids room. Open the small cupboard to find it.

  • Upstairs, solve the sliding puzzle and it will be inside the closet.

  • Upstairs, first solve the puzzle with the laptop and use the code you got to open the save.
  • Grab the notebook inside and go to the room with the phone, call your friends to get this gift.

  • In the same room as the previous gift.
  • You first need to find a clover located downstairs in the closer in the living room.

  • With it you will be able to open a big closet with shoes and the gift will be there.

  • Upstairs inside the washing machine room.
  • You first need to wash all the socks and the gift will spawn above the washing machine.


Locations of all socks.

You need to bring 5 of them to the washing machine upstairs. Press Q to grab a sock to carry it.

Note: The achievement may unlock after only collecting 4 socks.

  • Downstairs in the living room.

  • Downstairs, inside the closet close to the main entrance door.

  • Upstairs, in the kids room inside the closet.

  • Upstairs, in the bathroom connected to the big room with the phone.

  • Upstairs, in the bathroom that you get to from the corridor.

Written by marklar.

Game:   Zombie Claus