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Omori - Useful Tips and Tricks

Dec 27, 2020    

Here you can find some useful tips and tricks. Warning! Most of the tips contain some spoilers.

Tips for Easy Gameplay

How to unlock train

Go back to the Otherworld where you first arrived through the ladder. Take the left path where you can see the shadow Person.

Where's the tree fight (the Big Strong Tree)

How to escape from Sweetheart's castle

Do all of the following:

  • Break statue with Aubrey (northwest).
  • Sort non-pink sprout moles (southwest).
  • Made the cake (northeast).
  • Supported the choir (southeast).

How to find out the password for the Sweetheart Statue

You'll have to talk again to the sprout moles that were in each mazes. One of them needed a tofu.

What you supposed to do after beating Sweetheart to progress with the story

You need jumping into the hole that sweetheart blasted.

Stuck after fighting the Shark in the Last Resort?

Go left from the Last Resort afterwards, there should be an alligator at the tollgate. You couldn't get past that area before because you didn't have four people in your gang. Don't pay the gator with roulette on the side, because the toll fee kept rising. You have to use the tunnels to get around them and keep going left, and eventually you'll reach the part where the seagull says it's the end of the road. Then from there you have to go up to see the red bridge leading into the abyss.

Game:   Omori