Killing Floor – Clot Specimen Killing Guide

This guide will teach you about the Clot, how to kill it, and health per difficulty

The Clot Guide

Story & Stats

The Clot is Kevin Clamley’s deceased son who has been made from his son’s cloned DNA. Not really that much more.

Beginner Health

  • Base health: 65.00
  • Head health: 12.50

Normal Health

  • Base health: 130.00
  • Head health: 25.00

Hard Health

  • Base health: 175.50
  • Head health: 33.75

Suicidal Health

  • Base health: 201.50
  • Head health: 38.75

Hell On Earth

  • Base health: 227.50
  • Head heath: 43.75

This info was recorded with no other players. Therefore with increased players, Zeds’ health increases. Larger zeds get increased health-points. Fodder zeds stay the same.


Beginner damage

  • 1Hp (Attacks in swings and biting and grabbing).

Normal damage

  • 1Hp (Attacks in swings and biting and grabbing).

Hard damage

  • 1Hp (Attacks in swings and biting and grabbing).

Suicidal damage

  • 1Hp (Attacks in swings and biting and grabbing).

Can not jump away from grapple.

Hell On Earth damage

  • 6Hp (Attacks in swings and biting and grabbing).

Can not jump away from grapple.

Here is his head hitbox… Aim for this!

Here is the overall hitbox…Pretty difficult to miss!

What to Do with a Clot

You shoot. Pretty straightforward.

In all seriousness the clots shouldn’t be worrisome in your match if below Hard. Their low speed and health make them fodder, so killing them shouldn’t be too bad as long as one isn’t on Suicidal or HoE (Hell On Earth).

If above Hard, pay a little attention to them otherwise they can grab you in places and hold you with their killer grip! If one decides to latch on to you, the smartest thing to do would be to score a head-shot on the little B*****d, but if there are multiple trying to gorilla-grip you, jump cause they (for some reason) lose grip, this unfortunately does not work on any difficulty above hard.

Remember to always go for those headshots on them, you dont want to be wasting bullets!

Tips & Tricks

  • Clots are weak to everything, assorting from sharp and blunt objects, to bullets, fire, and explosives… And the Field Medic’s Bath Salt Grenades.
  • One can usually tell a Clot is nearby because of their distinct roaring and grunting.
  • Never underestimate a Clot (unless on beginner)…
  • They spawn in packs! Don’t get caught in them!
  • Clots are usually stopped by 1-2 clean head-shots.
  • You can leave a stray Clot at the end of the wave to buy you time to get to the Trader.

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