Plague M.D. – Achievements Guide

Easy guide to get all the achievements.

The Simplest

These three achievements are very simple to get, the first two I recommend to unlock them before wanting to face a real story campaign because they lead to an ending:

Stressed Out: During the game you have to pay attention to your level of fatigue or stress, totally ignore it and you will get this ending.

This ending is not considered canonical, so it doesn’t erase the savegame.

You Died: During the game you have to pay attention to the level of discontent in the village, take it to the max. To speed up the process you can hurt and kill customers with your knife, so you’ll get this “fiery” ending.

This ending is not considered canonical, so it doesn’t erase the savegame.

Rat Slayer: During the game at the beginning of the working day, random events can happen, one of which involves you while walking in the woods to recover healing herbs for your pantry. Finding a beautiful bucolic place, is given the choice to spend the day there, do it and you will get this.

Subtle irony in this achievement despite the name, if you haven’t noticed it even before the bubonic plague arrives, the village is invaded by rats, so taking a break is understood as an alliance with rodents. However even playing normally, this is the best choice, because it will cure all your stress.

Greed: At the tavern you bet on the dice game, if you win four times in a row, you get this simple achievement; there is no trick to get it, is all RNG.

The 5 Vices

Small Anecdote: You will have noticed how intelligently the 5 disturbing inhabitants were entrusted with a right vice, depending on the context of the plot, but Envy and Greed ?

It could be argued that the character who plays the role of Lust may also be that of Greed, but this is not the case. In fact, Greed is the main character, based on the choices made during random events.

While for Envy there is no real role, unless you consider any consequences given by some particular choices always made in the events, concerning the real healer or the count.

However to get these achievements, just be kind, charitable and interested in the illness of the characters, when they show up in the workshop.

So always choose the best answer and never drive away the aforementioned inhabitants in a bad way.

  • Gluttony: Just cure the drunkard’s hangover, done this, he will thank you but it will continue to bother you in the future!
  • Wrath: Take care of the gangrene of the mayor’s son, after two days the mayor will pass to thank you for saving his son’s life.
  • Pride: When the blacksmith finally agrees to be cured, after two days, he too will pass to thank you.
  • Sloth: The priest will appear on several occasions and each time you must hearten him and invigorate his faith. When finally you give him a nice herbal tea and his depression magically passes, he will thank you.
  • Lust: This is the longest to obtain, because the beggar shows up several times in the workshop. You will always have to treat her lovingly, accept her demands, and give him some charity. On the tenth day she will show up with strange symptoms, you always treat her every time she shows up. It seems that some combinations of choices don’t unlock it, but if you choose the first two times to prepare a herbal tea, then cure conjunctivitis, pustoles and lastly apply bloodsuckers; then you will get it. The important thing is to always choose to cure her.

Other working method!

Here are the choice for curing the beggar on the tenth day:

  • I have terrible sore throat > Prepare an infusion from herbs and onion (Cold)
  • I’m feeling sick, so sick > Pump the stomach and perform bloodletting (Poisoning)
  • My eyelids are sticking together, I can’t see anything! > Make an infusion from herbs and put a compress on eyes (Eye imflammation)
  • How could I not notice that sore bump? > Open the abscess and apply a poultice (Tumor)
  • I still don’t feel good, healer > Perform bloodletting

I noticed that if these 5 characters are treated, they become less harassing; the mayor and the blacksmith stop disturbing, the visits of the priest become rare and last less, the beggar steals less but the drunkard … you will hate him, pure hatred!

Final Achievements

These achievements all lead to an ending and can be achieved during the eleventh day.

Dead Inside: Before facing the eleventh day, make sure you don’t have any discontent value and stress, if you have it, bring it back to zero.

During the eleventh day, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to wait for the patients to die inside the workshop because of the plague. To avoid any problems, avoid speeding up the process by stabbing them, although it is tedious to wait without having to do anything, you will just have to wait a few minutes and the achievement will be yours when the bar of discontent has reached its maximum.

This ending is not considered canonical, so it doesn’t erase the savegame.

One of 25kk: During the eleventh day, treat all your patients without ever wearing the monat mask. At the end of the day, you’ll get this bad ending.

Attention: This ending is considered canonical, so it erase the savegame.

Saving Your Own Skin: You get this at the end of the tenth day.

I’m not sure if treating the 5 special inhabitants well or badly in a different way, can unlock this ending but this is definitely a way to get it.

Play normally, taking care to keep stress and discontent under control but when the 5 special inhabitants show up, treat them badly and send them away, refuse to cure only them.

You practically do the opposite of what it would take to get their personal achievements.

So don’t cure the drunkard, the mayor’s son and the blacksmith, make the priest lose totally faith and treat the beggar badly and don’t do charity, miss all the care and then make her rest last.

Attention! This ending is considered canonical, so it erase the savegame.

Other working method!

I got “Saving Your Own Skin” achievement by not treating the beggar. I did help the blacksmith to cure his eye and didn’t treat the others. I think you just have to refuse to treat the beggar on the tenth day and answer wrongly.

Savior: Simply win, coming out alive and victorious from the eleventh day, you have to remember to always wear the monat mask when you can.

After taking off the mask, it will have to recharge, wear it immediately after a few seconds when it has recharged. So try to stay as little as possible without protection otherwise you will die and you will have the bad ending.

Attention! This ending is considered canonical, so it erase the savegame.

Errata Corrige

Achievements eliminated and no longer existing and obtainable.

Greed (Old Version): Hidden achievement, unlocked by earning 10,000 coins.

Early Bird: Obtainable by buying and starting the game when it was in E.A. , eliminated at the behest of the community.

Written by Comric

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