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Sea of Thieves - Guide to Defeat Flameheart's Ghost Fleet

Written by snipingsolo   /   Dec 28, 2020    

How to Defeat Flameheart's Ghost Fleet


So to start of you will need to prepare as the ghost ships seem easy at first can get hard. As the round progress i recommend you get supply's 77 cannonballs 45 planks and a lot of food depending. If your doing this alone or with a crew i also recommend you do this on a sloop since it has more room to move around in and can steer better compared to a galleon or a brigantine. Its also better if the island the ghost fleet is at has cannon towers as you can use those towers to defeat the ghost fleet.


I'm going to talk about waves now there are in total of 4 waves and get harder as you progress.

  • Round 1: this round starts of easy the first round will have normal ghost ships that take 3 cannonballs to defeat the only tip i have here is to avoid collision because if you collide with a ghost ship it will make 4 holes in your ship.
  • Round 2: this round starts of with 2 normal ships and a captain ship the captain ship takes 10 cannonballs to defeat i recommend you shoot the normal ships first then the captain ship the reason is captain ships drop a good amount of loot.
  • Round 3: this round is the same as round 1 do the same thing you did last round and use the tips i gave you to defeat them also i recommend you look out for resource creates in the water as they have more planks food and cannonballs if your running low.
  • Final round: this is the last round your facing this round will have 4 normal ships and flameheart's ship all you have to do is destroy falemheart's ship and the others will vanish but doing so will result in less loot you receive so if you want better loot you should destroy the normal ones first then flameheart's the tips i should give is from round 2 destroy the normal ones first then flameheart's ship.

Also destroying the burning blade will give you a significant amount of loot a captain skull of the damned and a cannonball create of the damned that has wrath cannonballs phantom cannonballs and flaming phantom cannonballs you can also get a chest of the damned


The money you get from the event can depend on how much loot you can carry and destroyed the captain ships last and destroyed the burning blade ship.

  • Collecting treasure from only the burning blade no emissary will get you: 30,000 gold.
  • Having a level 5 order of souls emissary and collected all of the treasure will get you: 100,000 gold.
  • Having a level 5 reaper will get you even more.

Other Tips

  • Don't stand still move around to avoid be damaged by ghost ships.
  • Avoid gunpowder barrels that the ghost ships drop as they do a lot of damage to your ship.
  • Have a emissary to get more money out of the event.

Written by snipingsolo.