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Totem - Tips and Strategies

Written by bpbrother   /   Dec 28, 2020    

Game description, basic tips and tricks. Also some strategies.


There are five types of monsters in the game.

Spiky Magma Rocks

These start running towards you and explode on contact, so snipe them from afar. They explode when shot and damage nearby enemies and trees.


You need to shoot the campfire first, or enemies will keep spawning. This is very hard in the beginning, so make that shot count. Camps exist for spiky magma rocks and wasps.


These dart at you when you get too close. Try to shoot from afar whenever possible. Sometimes these are placed in tricky spots, hard to hit. Reveil a line of fire by shooting spiky magma cubes near them or try to avoid them completely by going through the trees.


Like spiky magma rocks they charge at you and explode. They are also a bit faster. If you see eyeplants nearby, shoot the wasps first. if you shoot the eyeplant first, all wasps will aggro.


They aren't triggered as easy as the other enemies but they do good melee damage. Aim your shots right because every time you land a hit, they bounce back a little, making it likely to miss your mark.

Death Spikes

Not an enemy but still noteworthy as deadly to the touch. Wait for the spikes to jab, then you're good to go.


First off, you can shoot with all items, not just the bow. Every weapon type has a special ability, when you right click with them. The first two upgrades can drop from monsters and stashes, the last (best one) must be purchased (that's why you need gold... lots of).

  • Bow: long-range multifire.
  • Upgrades: wooden bow, crystal bow, fire bow.

  • Mallet: a sentry spawns and attacks foes for a brief moment.
  • Upgrades: wooden mallet, steel mallet, spiky fire mace.

  • Wand: short-range ricochet multishot.
  • Upgrades: wooden staff, blue wand, fire staff.

There is also armor for damage reduction, obviously...

  • Head armor: only leather cap can be found.
  • Upgrades: leather cap, steel helmet, diamond helmet.

  • Body armor: can only be bought afaik.
  • Upgrades: chain shirt, steel armor, spiky celestial plate.

Armor section is hard to tell, bc of the display being crap, so no 100% sure... but: the more expensive, the better.

Be careful to not pick up inferior items e.g. wooden bow when you got the blue one. The item you are currently using will be gone! You can downgrade your equipment by picking up trash by accident.

Last there are two potions: red one heals, duh, and blue recovers your mana (it's stamina actually), they are used as you walk over them, so if you see one and there are still enemies around, save it for emergency.


Boss room (screen four):

There are three spiky magma rock campfires, the ones located on the side will spawn enemies, so get rid of those first, then go for the one right next to the boss. If you're low on life, there are potions to the left of you.

The boss itself also spawns magma rocks. It's okay to die here, but you need to beat the boss with only a leather cap eventually to get access to the real good stuff. Try to find the blue bow if you can't do it otherwise and multishot the boss, three salves dispose of him quickly and you can rapidfire four to five times before you run out of stamina.

If you have a stronger weapon, like you beat the game once or twice already and purchased from the blacksmith, you can go for the boss directly, it will die pretty much instantly, the campfires and remaining mobs will also pop.

Wasp camps and eyeplants (screen seven or so):

Clear wasps that have no eyeplant nearby (top left) first so you have some room to breathe, then go for one camp after another, try to hit the eyeplant first to stop the respawn.

Wasps forming a satanic symbol (screen eight or so):

The best room as it gives tons of coins. Do not hit the eyeplants. You can shoot the wasps, they will not aggro but avoid hitting an eyeplant until you got rid of most of the wasps.

Final room (screen nine or so):

There are multiple eyeplants and continous wasp spawns, try to align your fire to hit the wasps and the eyeplants, there are two angles. You don't have to kill everything. Eventually everything else on the screen dies by itself. Then two more soldiers and the game starts over.


  • You have three lives.
  • If you die, you start the room over.
  • The dog on the starting screen dies, walk over it, it can spawn a decent item!
  • If you lose all three lives, you begin from the starting screen.
  • No matter, where or how often you die, you never lose items or gold.
  • There is no inventory.
  • F1 will respawn you in the trader town (you need to have made past it obviously). Doesn't seem to always work everywhere though.
  • If you close the game and open it again, your progress will be lost.

Written by bpbrother.

Game:   Totem