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Dungeon Defenders - Mana Guide

Written by Frezmo   /   Dec 28, 2020    


Mana is the main currency of this game, in order to do anything in this game you will need mana. However there are two different types of mana: mana, and banked mana. It is important to know the difference.

What is mana?

Mana is the resource used in order to build defences, you can find them in chests or by killing enemies which will drop it upon death. With this mana you can not only build defences, but also repair and upgrade them.

What is banked mana?

Banked mana is mana stored across all of the game sessions you play including your tavern. This is what you can use to upgrade items you have, you tavern services such as renaming your hero and buying stuff from both other peoples hero shops or the tavern keepers shop. Although, I wouldn't recommend upgrading things too much early game nor buying from hero or tavern shops as in the early game you find upgrades and better items that drop in game regularly, so you would be wasting your banked mana by upgrading items just to swap it out later in the near future.

Using Mana in Game

Whilst in game, you will want to use the mana to upgrade and or repair your defences in order to properly protect your Eternia crystal.

In order to open up your wheel of doing things as I like to call it, press down on your middles mouse button and you will get a selection appear (you can also use the keys it tells you to use in the bottom left whatever you find easier).

When this wheel comes up you can either go into your hero stats and look at your heros gear as well as their stats. However, the other four are options you can do in game to help you make your defences and to defend your dungeon.

Upgrading Defences

When upgrading towers you'll have a mana cost, each time you upgrade a tower the higher the manna cost becomes. You can upgrade a total of 5 times per defence.

  • Upgrade 1 = 100 mana (requires level 4)
  • Upgrade 2 = 200 mana (requires level 9)
  • Upgrade 3 = 400 mana (requires level 19)
  • Upgrade 4 = 700 mana (requires level 34)
  • Upgrade 5 = 1220 mana (requires level 60)

Repairing Defences

You can repair defences in game, when doing so you can hover over the defence that you would like to repair and it will tell you how much mana it is going to cost you to repair it. Repairing is a lot quicker in the building phase rather than the combat phase, this is the same for upgrading towers as well.

Selling Towers

You can sell towers in game and when you hover over them it'll tell you how much mana you'll get for it. The more used a tower has been the less it'll sell for however if you build a tower in the wrong place and want to sell and rebuild it all in the same build phase. You will get all of the mana refunded back to you.

Players can sell each others towers, however you can change this so players can only sell their own towers in the game settings. Hit "esc" and clock on the circle that says "Other Players Towers Sellable". When this dot is red you can sell other players towers and when it is black you and other players can only sell their own towers.

Using Banked Mana

Banked mana is used for buying, upgrading, adjusting stats and renaming. It is the games currency.

How do I get banked mana?

Banked mana will be put into your inventory just from playing the game, this is an automatic process. Picking up items off the floor to sell them doesn't increase the amount of banked mana you will have, at the end of each wave the game sells all of the dropped items and splits the mana equally to all players automatically so you don't need to panic or spend time hording items that are dropped in game.

You can also get banked mana by converting mana you have in game straight into your banked mana, this is done by going to the forge, and pressing the arrow at the top of the menu to convert it over. However this isn't very useful and doesn't give you a lot of mana due to your mana carrying capacity. You'll be better off just holding your mana to use it in game for upgrade, repairs, etc.

Tavern Services

You can use your banked mana and take it to the taverns item shop. The item shop will have three pieces of armour, three pets and three weapons for you to buy after each game that are randomly generated, it is very rare that you will get a good deal though, most of the time the items in this shop are terribly over priced and not worth buying. However you can use your mana in the tavern services section.

The Tavern has four services, all with different costs that you can see from the screen shot.

You can buy an xp bonus for your character for 70,000 mana, again I'd say that this is not worth buying, xp is pretty easy to gain and although it may be tempting to buy it later on in the game when leveling becomes slower, it doesn't give you enough xp for it to be worth it.

You can also respec your hero for 100,000 mana which can be good if you've made a series of mistakes when putting level up stats into your character, however the price for this is pretty steep so wait until your further into the game and have the mana to throw into this.

Same with renaming your hero for 50,000 mana, it is pretty expensive and this doesn't effect the game at all. So don't buy this unless you have the mana to spend.

Lastly, you can generate a mana token for free, what this does is put the amount of mana you set into a gem stone which can then be kept in storage. It will take it out of your banked mana but when you want to get the mana back you can just sell it to the tavern keeper and all of the mana you put into it for storage will go back into your banked mana.

This useful so that you don't hit the capacity for banked mana, which is 1 trillion mana so good luck getting there first. This can also be used if you want to restart on the same account without having a mana advantage.

Upgrading your items

You can use your banked mana for upgrading your items, make sure that you upgrade it well though as once you have upgraded an item, you can change what stats you put the upgrades into. To upgrade an item just go into your hero information (if the gear is equip) or find it in your inventory and select upgrade item in the bottom right. Once you have filled up the bar with all the mana required for an upgrade, you then put in a stat. Once you have upgraded an item to its maximum amount of upgrades (shown in the bottom right corner) you can spend mana in order to rename that item to whatever you want.

Written by Frezmo.