Raft – How to Get Wood (Easy Method)

Wood Guide

Part 1

Get to Balboa Island (The one with all the scary bears and bees). 

  • Once you’ve completed this island, you can always come back.
  • Everything respawns. All the trees, all the bears! Even the bees and honey.
  • And the trees give you seeds occasionally (If you didn’t know, the small birch and oak trees on that island can be cut down)!
  • So you can plant them again and hope they’ll keep giving you seeds (We can all dream. But you know they won’t give you enough seeds back. Might as well keep them there for decorations).

Part 2

Get to Tangaroa (The giant glass dome one. Yes, with the robots). 

  • Once you completed this islands, you should have all the doors open to the top.
  • When you come back to this island, you’ll have easy access to the top. The doors stay open.
  • All those trees that are neatly planted around grow back! Sadly they don’t give you seeds, but plenty of wood (Big projects can finally be finished)!
  • As a bonus, you can gather the coins again. So if you missed out on getting the piano (I know, its expensive, and you needed all those potted plants to place all over your massive raft), you can get it.
  • You can also recollect the bananas and strawberries!
Written by PandaPandemicTV

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