Blood and Bacon – How to Obtain Multiplayer Achievements (Also in Singleplayer)

Multiplayer Achievements Guide

All credit goes to YEROCnamrus!


There are 4 achievements in which the description read that they must be done in co-op/multiplayer. However the great and kind dev has made it so you can get them in single player.

These achievements are:

  • Friended
  • Doctor Who
  • Birds Of A Feather
  • You Are Hardened

Doctor Who

Doctor Who (Multiplayer)

  • Get Revived By 10 Strangers And Survive The Day or

Doctor Who (Singleplayer)

  • Consume A Bounceback One Per Round

To achieve this in singleplayer, you must consume a total of 10 Bouncebacks over 10 rounds, consuming one per round (does NOT have to be done in one sitting). Bouncebacks are unlocked around the 30 day mark on the harvester.


Friended (Multiplayer)

  • Play With A Stranger For An Entire Round or

Friended (Singleplayer)

  • Defeat Any Boss One Per Round

You just have to defeat any boss 10 times. To achieve You Are Hardened you have to beat day 30, and as such have defeated bosses twice. So just defeat Princess and finish the day 8 more times after that to get the achievement. Can be done on easy to save time.

I recommend focusing on either the head or behind so you can open a wound and get more damage. I did this achievement in conjunction with Doctor Who as well, just get downed by Princess during the fight once and use bounceback and finish the fight.

You Are Hardened

You Are Hardened (Multiplayer)

  • Defeat Day 30 On HardMode With 4 Players And No Cheats or

You Are Hardened (Singleplayer)

  • Defeat Day 30 On Hardmode

You have to complete day 30 on hardmode by yourself. Day 30 is the day of those two massive evil pigs at night time.

Can be quite a challenge, but if you drink your milk and buff soup, and get rid of the small pigs as quick as possible then it is much less difficult. Also keep some bounceback pills (can carry a max of 2) to make it even easier. I believe the pills might be unlocked by defeating day 30, so perhaps defeat it on easy mode first if you are having a bit of trouble, then you can use the pills when you get downed.

Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather (Multiplayer)

  • Make Everyone Wear The Same Hat In 4P or

Birds Of A Feather (Singleplayer)

  • Find 6 Hats And Equip Them

You have to find all of the secret hats in the game and equip them all. To equip the hats you find, go to the tire in the barn where the kisses on the wall are, and press ‘X’.

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